Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brushing Off The Cobwebs

I should be going for my run now, or preparing dinner. But my butt is glued to the couch, hoping that Nadal will beat Dimitrov in the Australian Open semi-finals. (Well, he did!)

I have baked some peanut cookies this morning, so I'm pleased that at least I've got something done. Though it seems like I may need to bake another batch. Ahh, how the aroma reminds me that Chinese New Year is around the corner.

A shame that I won't be home and have my families wow over my cookies...

Lunch: Couscous with smoky paprika prawns.

I am trying to eat plain and uninteresting food until I knock 2kg off my tubby trunk, sticking to the motto that we eat to live, and not vice versa.

Less carbs and small portions are the key, and sometimes I get a sense of satisfaction with going to bed with a growling tummy. 

Because then I wake up the next morning looking forward to a grand breakfast of toast or cereal with 1 soft-boiled egg...

And then starve until lunch time arrives.

And boy, am I ever eager for the clock to strike 12!

Dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day: Cottage pie with sweet potato.

A few weeks ago, I made cottage pie for the first time and it was great. The aroma of the beef stewing in the pot wafting through the air was so mouth-watering. Recipe was taken from Coles' website. I am drooling as I recall the taste ... so I'm hoping to make it again tomorrow! :D

Dinner: Grilled rainbow trout with herbs and pepper.

Otherwise, the usual grilled or steamed fish and 2 vegetable dishes would grace the table for dinner. I love love love rainbow trout and salmon, but the hubby isn't too fond of its fishy smell. Too bad we're having baked trout tonight!

Dinner and leftover for lunch the next day: Turkey meatballs with chilli and coriander.

Then I got bored and thought we'd have some turkey meat instead. They are pretty tasteless, if I may say so, so they need to be well marinated or cooked with herbs or some tasty sauce.

I'll make them again if they'll help to reduce my waistline! ;)

I've been checking my mailbox on a daily basis but it seems like no one sent me a postcard or a card or a letter. Thank goodness my dad will send me a calendar soon which I hope will include a letter. Though I hope not. What if he misses me and I cry??

Not sure why he wants to send me a calendar, anyway. But he has really neat handwriting and I'll look forward to it, anyway ... :)

I am rambling ...

The VMAX screen is wider than regular screens.

We went to watch The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in a VMAX cinema at Hoyt's last week, in order to avoid the terrible, smothering heat in our flat. When we bought our tickets at the counter, the lady told us that if the air conditioning in the cinema wasn't working and we found it too warm, we could exit within the 1st hour and obtain a refund. 

It wasn't so we stayed and watched the entire movie.

Which was ridiculously draggy and I nodded off several times!

Please don't watch it. Zzzz ...


Well, the weekend was spent bumming at home, watching Australian Open on TV and a barbeque at a friend's place. It was a loooong drive to get there, but for good food and good company (and adorable kids), it was well worth it.

This weekend will see us attending another barbeque at a friend's place, seeing that it's Australia Day weekend. A quick check on the net tells me that it wasn't until 1994 that the states consistently celebrated Australia Day together. 26th January 1788 was the day when Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney with his convict ships and raised the Union Jack flag, symbolising the British occupation.

It's not just about barbeque and fireworks, they tell you!

Though, isn't that what the Americans do on 4th of July? :)

Running wise, we are looking at a few events and considering whether to sign up for it now and start training like crazy. Although we are keen to record a new PB for 10KM respectively, the registration fee doesn't seem to justify the urgent need for it. I am contemplating 21KM of the Rollercoaster Run which has crazy hills and the organisers are the ones behind Two Bays Trail Run.

Some friends have noticed that I have been running a lot of trails last year and this year, it will be the same. I am still searching for that ideal 10KM road race to sign up for, though I think I am somewhat out of shape when it comes to speed. I wheezed and walked up a gentle slope yesterday during my 6KM run, so I'll have to whip myself into shape if I want that 10KM time.

I am way behind my January resolution, so it looks like I'll have to buck up from tomorrow onwards. *roll eyes* I really must remind myself that procrastination does not pay.

Right, my eyes can barely open and it's only 9.45pm.

Talk about old age ... 

p.s. I had this strange dream where I was having dinner with Lina and during the entire meal she never spoke a word. All she did was grin at me while I did all the talking (to fill in the silence) that it was kinda eerie. In my dream, I started having scary thoughts of being stabbed and discarded in the dark. I must have consciously halted that dream and swapped to another dream instead because I don't know the ending. :P

p.p.s. Oh, my heading is to remind me to stop procrastinating and get to work with some important stuff!

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