Friday, January 24, 2014

As Bad As Store Bought Cookies

I made a huge batch of choc chip cookies yesterday, and made a mistake of reducing the sugar by half.

I baked them longer than required,  giving it a nice crisp and crunchy bite.

But as a result of the lack of sugar, and with dark chocolate chips, they taste pretty flat.

Like Coles' or Woolworth's store brand $2 cookies. Hah!

So there's go my Chinese New Year cookie gifts and these 'gems' will remain in my kitchen for the occasional munching. It'll serve their purpose, I suppose, when we need a biscuit or two.

On the other hand, my batch of peanut cookies are the BOMB. My friends are sharing photos of their peanut cookies and they look equally good.

But I'm so happy with mine, because I know it's what my dad would like, as he previously hounded me for a salty version. So to finally succeed in achieving it, I am happy.

On the other hand, I am really sad that I won't be spending CNY with my family(ies). They are my best fans. I've been making them CNY cookies for the past 2 years! I was hoping I'd be home this CNY but the hubby has work stuff on that weekend, which I think is fekking bollocks. 


*takes a deep breath*

Anyway, the beef casserole has been simmering since last night, and I can't wait for dinner!

Previously I didn't reduce the stock enough so the pie was a bit too wet. So I'll have to make sure I do it right this time. It just smells horribly, ridiculously, amazingly mouth-wathering argh!

Gotta go!

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