Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Detoxification - Rebooting The Body System

The title sounds so righteous that it makes me laugh.

Rest assured that I am not going to preach to you about the need to detox every now and then, because I am not an expert on the subject!

Lunch 1: Kale, apple, cucumber, celery and ginger.

I was bummed out about with my weight gain and bad complexion that I thought I'd give it a try. Two days of drinking (blended) juice shouldn't be too bad, I thought.

No, it was the first day that was really bad.

Dinner 1: Carrot, celery, apple.

I was hungry all the time and by nightfall, I thought I was going to pass out with gastric. They did say that we had to prepare our body a few days before the detox programme, but I thought I was strong enough to skip that. Hah!

Breakfast 1: Celery, orange, beetroot, cucumber, apple.
I cheated by munching on some rice crackers, having a small bowl of cereal, drinking milk and eating a small tub of yoghurt. Frigging hopeless of me.

Carrot and cucumber sticks were also snacked upon but it didn't fill the void in me wobbly tum.

Lunch 2: Cucumber, celery, apple and kale.

It wasn't too bad on the second day, but I still had a soft-boiled egg and finished up my tub of carrot and cucumber sticks. Oh, and small tub of yoghurt, too.

Dinner 2: Orange, cucumber, apple and celery.
Added some milk and honey.

By the third day, I felt guilty about eating proper food and continued with having some juice for breakfast and lunch. And yoghurt.

Ginger, cucumber, carrot and beetroot.

That night, I had dinner over a friend's house and you know what?

I was stuffed.
From a bowl of fried vermicelli, 4 squid rings and some vegetables. 

I should have had a kiddy portion, instead.


I still look like shit (complexion wise) and I'm still as heavy as an ox (albeit less 1kg) but the two days of torture helped me bring me back onto the path of clean eating (as best as I can, because I still love some meat, fried food and junk food). 

I won't pretend to be a saint, because I'm not!

Nevertheless, I hope that by continuing with a healthy morning regime (at the very least), my skin will clear up soon because goodness knows I'm too old to have an acne breakout every now and then. Phhbbt!

Carrot, beetroot and tomatoes. Yuck!
Added more honey to it.

It was fun watching cooking shows on Youtube and researching recipe ideas, and I have a few recipes I want to try!

P.S. This post serves as a reminder to me and only me, not you. No worries!


  1. Replies
    1. but now it's back to the usual eating. *sighhhhhhh*

  2. I still have breakouts every now and then. At my age. Urgh.
    I wonder how kale tastes like. Kat sini macam susah nak jumpa.

    1. i read somewhere that if you can find kale in M'sia, it would cost RM52 per kg!!
      the alternative to kale would be spinach, i suppose, if you want to juice it along with your fruits.

      taste wise, hard to describe ya, sorreeee :)