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Runner Profile: Caroline Bertrand

Caroline at Buffalo SkyCamp 2014.
 I first met Caroline at the Surf Coast Trail Runners' inaugural night run earlier this year. She has always been part of the front pack and there's no doubt about her being a very strong runner.

Besides completing the Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon in a fabulous time, she recently went on to bag first place in the women's category for Wilson's Prom 44KM. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!

1. When you're not running about and climbing mountains, your day job involves ...

I'm a design consultant and visual merchandiser for a high-end furniture shop in Richmond. I've just been made redundant though so maybe I should go into full time trail running!

Caroline's sleigh dogs.
2. How long have you been running? Is it awesome or what! :D

Like most people, I have always ran, whether it was the Tan or around the block... I signed up for my first half marathon in 2011 - then didn't do much apart from running to work in 2012.

My first official trail run was the Roller Coaster Run last year - since then I've been hooked and done various events.

3. What other sports do you do?

I play field hockey for Collegians X.

4. Just this year, we've seen you conquer the Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon in April and the recent TNF50 in Blue Mountains. How was your training schedule like for both these events?

For the Buffalo Stampede, I concentrated on hilly trails. I probably averaged 50-60kms a week, one speed/hill session a week, a long trail run (in the Dandys), and then just a few runs around where I lived. Because the events were pretty close together I didn't do much in the lead up of TNF50, I focused on leg strength with my PT, stair repeats and the Running Wild Wilson's Prom 44km run as my last (and only) long training run.

At Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon 2014.

5. Congrats on winning Wilson's Prom 44KM! How did you feel knowing you had won?

Winning always feels good, let's be honest. I was just lucky all the super duper good runners were busy that weekend!!!!!

 6. What are the upcoming events for you for the rest of this year?

A few... some confirmed and signed up for others in the pipeline:

I have signed up for the following:
- Surfcoast trail Marathon in June
- Surfcoast Century Solo 50 in September

On the wish list:
- Season of pain Mt Bawbaw in July
- The last leg of the Goldfields Track series in August
- Lake Mountain in October
- Four peaks in November
- Alpine Challenge 60km

That looks like plenty to me!

7. Have you managed to convince some of your non-running friends to join your running cult?

Not really, I have a girlfriend that convinced me to do the Rollercoaster with her and I've tried to get her into all the other ones but she is a bit more sensible than I am haha!

8. Tell us about the support from your amazing partner while you're running about in the wild. :D

I am extremely lucky to have a non running supportive boyfriend... who doesn't mind me prancing around forests and up mountains as I please. He is very domesticated and does most of the housework. I just take the dogs running!!

He was my support crew for Buffalo and did an awesome job! He's very excited about Tarawera :-P
Part of her shoe collection. :)

9. I love your shoe collection! Can you share with us a picture of your shoe cabinet? How many pairs of shoes do you have, and which ones are your favourite? Excluding your trail shoes, of course!

Good question... The shoe cabinet is no longer since I've moved houses but the shoes remain... I'm not sure how many I have but it was around 60 ish when the cabinet was erected (a few have been added since!) excluding thongs, casual sneakers, runners, trail runners lol

I've always been a heels girls, I love a pair of stilettos; my favourites are probably my leopard print ones... maybe..!!

Chilling out!
10. When you're not running on weekends, you can be found ...

Until recently at work, unfortunately... If I wasn't on the roster to work it's because I was running!!!

I love hanging out with my friends too so if I wasn't running, I would be at a BBQ, pub, someone's house chilling out..

Well, it looks like her running calendar is pretty packed at the moment. Caroline is in the midst of filling up her 2015 running calendar, too! ;)

We wish you all the best and many more mountains to conquer!!

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