Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anniversary of a Housebum

This month marks the one year that I have been living in Melbourne. How time freaking flies!


It's hard to be away from familiar surroundings, friends and family. Being away from family is one of the toughest sacrifices to make, but nothing money can't help. I mean, if you spend the money on phone calls and regular trips home, you're still doing your part in being close to the family.

We miss being able to return to our respective hometowns for a short weekend trip to spend some time with our parents.

Food and drinks with Dutamas Runners in July 2013! :)
Photo credit: Andrew

We miss being able to round up a few friends for a mamak session at times, as it simply isn't possible over here. Or maybe not yet.

I am reluctant in paying AUD$7.00 for a piece of roti canai and a small bowl of curry. When I did eventually do so, my roti wasn't great. We are lucky to have found an Indian eatery that serves the same for AUD$4.50 which tastes much better, and has good teh tarek

Dinner with the GCAM gang in July 2013!
Photo credit: Jamie

For both the hubs and I, our schedules here remain similar to the ones back home. Weekends are spent running, but instead of having to wake up at wee hours for a group run before it gets too hot,  we sleep in, have our breakfast or brunch, before driving off to our designated trails for an afternoon run. In summer, if we have some things to do in the morning, we can still proceed to the trails for an evening run before the sun sets at 8ish.

The advantage of having a cool climate!!

The only disadvantage of our weekend runs is the distance to each national park. Some places take at least an hour to drive to, like You Yangs, Dandenong National Park, Lerderderg State Park, Macedon Ranges, Kinglake National Park, just to name a few.

At Kinglake National Park last weekend.

I'm referring to awesome national parks, not urban trails, mind you. :)

Once in a really blue moon, we venture into the city to run around the Tan Track (near the Royal Botanical Gardens) or Princes Park, but it's a rarity. We'll make sure we pop by one of the popular eateries to give their food a go, before or after our city run.

Otherwise, we'd remain clueless about Melbourne if we don't eat out at least occasionally. Our eating out can average about $40 just one time, and another $40 for a movie. 

Ouch ouch ouch.

My cooking skills have improved, I think, but my tidiness or the lack of it, remains the same. I have a bucket list of dishes to cook before the year ends, and so far, I have only managed to cross out a few. The most complicated one of all was the glutinous rice dumplings, which I've made two batches so far. (Hubs is hinting for some more!)

There are two separate lists, one is mine and the other was given by the hubs. For one of his, I'll need to buy a claypot as he wants claypot chicken rice and lo she fun. *roll eyes*

For one of mine, I'll need tons of prawn heads to cook Sarawak Laksa.

Ooh, I need a new blender, too.
Anyway, I'm afraid I might just prattle on about nothing in particular. I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary by buying a sewing machine. Freaking domesticated I am, eh! Bwahaha!

For the past 2-3 years, I have been curious about sewing but opted to pick up crochet. It's so time consuming that I'm on the verge of calling it quits! So, I am kinda calling it quits by venturing into sewing.

Unfortunately, it seems like I may have to import some fabrics from Malaysia as the cost of fabrics over here is madness. It will pain me to spend about AUD$13-17 per m for some of the lovely printed fabrics. I'll need volunteers to help me shop for them and send them over, please!

Fun bits aside, it's time for me to kick some butt. 

Will someone please give me a job? 
Think of how fun your office will be having a colleague like me, I bring cookies or cake every now and then! (Ask my ex-colleagues, they love me for my free and yummy treats, besides getting the job done!)

p.s. the one thing i dislike about the cool climate is shriveled and wrinkled skin. staring at my hands now as i type this, they look 47 years old. *sobs*

p.p.s. oh crap, i left it til the last minute. the sewing machine i was going to buy is now out of stock!!


  1. A year? Has it been that long? It was only like yesterday you were leaving me eating your dust on our Merbok-Double hill-Hartamas runs! Time sure flies.

    After experiencing a slice of the climate there, I totally envy you. I could run all day over there :D

    1. i think you'll be leaving me to eat your dust this time. my legs are too heavy for anything less than a 5:45 road pace these days :D