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Melbourne Eats: Eating Out in Mt Beauty

We spent the Queen's Birthday weekend in Mt Beauty with the main purpose of climbing up Mt Bogong. As Mt Beauty is a small town, there are a handful of eateries in the vicinity without the need to drive far.

On our drive up to Mt Beauty, we made a quick pit stop at The Provender Country Bakehouse in Yea for a light lunch, comprising of 2 pies and 1 coffee, and a sticky lemon passionfruit muffin to take away. I can't remember which pies we had, possibly a steak and cheese one and a veggie pastie. The coffee wasn't great, but the place was packed, as always!

We first stumbled upon this place when we were driving back from Bright (for the Razorback Run) and we liked their pies. The bakery has been a regular Great Aussie Pie Competition winner for years now, and you'll see a plague in the bakery stating just that.

Address: 56 High Street, Yea, VIC 3717.
Links: Trip Advisor

Flour + Water
171 Kiewa Valley Highway
Tawonga South, VIC 3698

We were early for dinner!

We had dinner there on our 1st night and ordered a pizza and one of the specials. The roast pumpkin pizza was topped with pine nuts, feta and baby spinach and I enjoyed it very much.

The lighting doesn't do the food justice. :)

The special was creamy dreamy prawn linguine which was not very dreamy at all, in my opinion. It was bland and sure, there were a lot of prawns, but the sauce lacked depth. There was no prawn-y taste in the creamy sauce, as they may have been cooked separately and added later to the dish.

We shared a bottle of beer. With beer, wine and liquer, I was ready to fall into bed!

We were given complimentary small glasses of mulled wine before dinner was served, and orange liquer after dinner. The liquer was delicious - sweet with alcohol haha! Totally yums!

It was a bit uncomfortable when the owner kept coming by our table  frequently to ask whether we were OK, whether we wanted anything else (after we had placed our order) and asked us how was the food (while we were eating), whether we wanted anything else (once we finished eating), etc. I'm sure she was just trying to be friendly and hospitable, but yeah, it was a wee bit overboard.

Settlers Tavern
232 - 236 Kiewa Valley Highway
Tawonga South, VIC 3698

On our 2nd and last night in Mt Beauty, we had dinner here as I was craving for some deep fried food (like chips). The place was quiet and service didn't take too long.

We had grilled fish and chips, and lamb pie with chips. Both were great, especially the lamb. Mmmm, I don't want to share the photos with you as the light was rather dim. Grainy photos don't do justice to the food!

Svarmisk Cafe.

Svarmisk Cafe
84 Bogong High Plains Road
Mount Beauty, VIC 3699
Links: Urbanspoon | Website

The open space, as we walked through the doors.

We grabbed some coffee before leaving Mt Beauty for Melbourne. The place was shining with sunlight streaming in and the it was packed with people, probably with those who stayed in their apartments.  (The apartments look really cool!)

Coffee was OK, just a bit better than Treats Cafe at Mt Bogong Ski Centre.

* Treats Cafe (238 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South, VIC 3698) deserves a mention for their sausage rolls. They were delicious!

The view as we drove around Mt Beauty.

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