Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Great Ocean Road and Wildlife Retreat

The 31st of October (Friday) saw to beautiful blue skies, a very warm day and a very long drive from Melbourne to Great Ocean Road. There were a lot of toilet breaks and scenic stops, including the Lorne Pier.

It was very windy and we had to hang on to our hats!

Along the way, we tried spotting koalas in trees and it is only when we see people standing by the roadside and taking pictures, pointing at something up in the trees, do we follow suit. :)

Cute looking creatures! :)

We spotted more in Cape Otway!

Poor creatures were probably puzzled as to why there was an audience standing below their furry bottoms!

We put up at night at Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat and had fun feeding the animals. As it was evening when we arrived, we got the chance to see the wombats up close.

The common wombat is so so so cute!

A not so shy resident pademelon kept following us around for food!

Feeding the resident little ponies some carrots.

I was quite surprised to find an extra bag of carrots in our luggage. Not too sure where it came from, but we made sure we fed all the animals we could!

Using the Led Lenser Neo for a night trail walk!

After dinner, the hubs and I drove out to Melba Gully track to check out the glow worms. Just a few minutes into the track, we saw specks of light on the side. We switched off our lights to observe the little dots for a while.

We didn't stay for too long as it was a bit nippy (despite putting on 2 long sleeve tops) so we headed back to our accommodation.

The next day was going to be another long day of driving!

Koala so cute! Me, not at all!

Our host allowed us into the koala pen for a while to pet and feed one of the resident koalas who was awake. The other one at the back was snoozing.

Koalas apparently sleep 20 out of 24 hours and don't drink water. That's why they prefer to munch on young succulent eucalyptus leaves.

On our way to see the Twelve Apostles, we dropped by The Gables Lookout (part of GOW100) for a look see. The weather on Saturday was just crazy winds and showers so we didn't linger. 

We couldn't see much of the view anyway.

We stopped a while at Hopetoun Falls, just because it was on the way.

It was a 10 minute walk down the steps and on walkway to the viewing platform.  

The view was sorites. I didn't wait for the hubs who loves his scenery photography so I headed back to the car.

We stopped by Yatzies Cafe at Lavers Hill for lunch and decided to order 4 different types of pies to share. We had the butter chicken, chicken and mushroom, vegetable curry and egg and bacon one.

The butter chicken is my absolute favourite! It was flavourful and creamy ... I'm not sure how else to describe it. :)

Anyway, we found out that they are from Boscastle. Turns out that they make award winning gourmet pies.

We arrived home at 8pm and dragged ourselves out to have dinner. We weren't the best of company at that time as everyone was extremely exhausted from the short road trip.


  1. The koalas sound like me when it comes to the sleeping part, my wife can attest to that ... hahaha!

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