Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy January 2015!

Happy new year, everyone!

I hope everyone has had a pretty good new year so far! It has taken me this long to dust the cobwebs off this blog to let you know that I am pretty much alive, just barely, but yeah, I'll survive. 

Since we moved to a new place in November, we've not had internet access at home. We've had to struggle with a temporary mobile plan but coverage was so poor that I just didn't want to bother going online at all. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the initial provider we wanted to go with, but due to lack of access or coverage, we had to go with an alternative, hence the delay.

We are crossing our fingers that we will have internet access today! *prays hard*

Be that as it may, I can't seem to find the time nor energy to spend too much time online. There's just so much to do!

Once we arrive home, we have to tend to the gardening, the laundry, cooking dinner and tomorrow's lunch, and oh gawd, a new one for me - studying.

I am stuck in the deep end here. 
Work is extremely challenging with the boss telling me to do this and that, that and this, and most of the time I'm running around like a headless chicken or I can't seem to work fast enough. By the time I arrive home, I just want to sleep.

But no. I have to force myself to do a bit of studying, and by a bit, I do mean a bit. 

And it isn't enough.

Just over the long weekend (Australia Day was on Monday, 26th January 2015), I struggled to finish up a poorly written assignment due on Monday. I was freaking out! I have sworn that I will not leave my assignments to the last minute anymore otherwise I will surely definitely 100% fail.

So I took the initiative to print out the next assignment's question to plan my written answer, only to find that heck, I'll need to read up on the relevant chapters first.


No prizes for guessing how I spend my evenings at home these days. :( 

Chilli seeds are growing! *excited*

On top of all that, my uncle had his open heart surgery last week and I had to make time to pop into the Royal Melbourne Hospital to visit him at least twice a day.

He was in the ICU for a few days and I have to say that his nurses have been pretty easy on the eyes - particularly one of them. My friends and I think she's the sweetest of them all. :)

The good news is that he's recovering well and he should be discharged from the hospital either tomorrow or the day after. He's going nuts without his laptop or mobile phone, as he conveniently left them at home prior to the operation. Thank goodness for a spare laptop and prepaid WiFi modem thingy which I brought over for him this morning, he now has access to the world again.

Using crates as a flower bed. Here, we have spring onion and sweet basil.

I finally went out running again yesterday evening, even if it was a short one. It was great to be out again, and it's going to be hard to regain the fitness I used to have. I had a terrible chesty cough last month and it took me almost a month to recover. 

I don't like being unfit!

One of the best activities to de-stress is weeding. I hate weeds! With a filthy vengeance. The sight of them pisses me off big time so I am more than happy to yank them out as soon as possible. 

We are pretty excited to return to Malaysia for the Chinese New Year, splitting between KK and Ipoh. A shame we won't be able to spend time in KL but being far apart from my family has made me realise that I really must prioritise my family first. My mum is definitely excited to have the entire family together again, but I hope she won't give me too many chores because I just want to bake cookies for the family as well as play with my niece. I can't wait!

Okay then, I've taken up too much of work time to write you this update. It's good to write again but I'm not sure how coherent I am - it's been a while!

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. Kerfuffle - I actually had to look up what it meant :D

    Glad your uncle is doing well.

    1. i hope you looked up "piffle" as well! :D