Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Into Q2 of 2015

Time sure flies, whether you're having fun or not!

Sorry I've been busy and too exhausted to dust and vacuum the cobwebs off this blog. Every time I think there's a window of opportunity to rattle off a few words here, it disappears in a blink of an eye.

I want my old life back!!

Yet each time I yell out that phrase in my head, I feel guilty (for having such a thought) and tell myself that it's all good, blah blah blah, let's just make it work, it's all going to change soon.

*big sigh*

In a nutshell, I attend online classes once a week, have an assignment to submit every fortnight and an exam every 1.5 months. That's for 1 subject, and I have 3 more to go. (That is, if I do pass the 1st exam. Otherwise, I have to defer the last 2 subjects until I pass!)

It feels like I just sat for my 1st exam (for the 1st subject) last month and I have another one this month!

Oh hang on, it was just last month.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy studying as it is applicable to my current casual job, but I do wish that work wasn't that taxing, traveling time from home to work and vice versa wasn't so time consuming, and well, making sure that I have a 'balanced' life out of work and study is quite tough, too!

With not much time and energy for running, it's no wonder I'm looking like The Blerch's cousin sister at the moment. :(

Cranberry scones, anyone?

Someone said that I was merely making excuses (as above) for not signing up for races this year. 

Such unwarranted accusations piss me off big time.

I wanted to defend myself and argue my case but I didn't because reasoning with this person would not make any difference.

This is the same person who accused us (whether jokingly or not, I did not like it one bit) of being anti-social when we disappeared from the social running scene while my in-laws were here visiting for 2 months. We could not afford to spend 1 day of the weekend running with our friends as we were bringing the parents sightseeing - we had to make that our priority, as much as it was difficult for us to miss out on the fun of running with friends.

Hmmm, looks like I am keeping a grudge. :P

Used part of a mesh bag (from a bag of garlic) as a spice pouch for homemade beef pho. Pretty neat!

Anyway, I had tons of fun being back home with the family for Chinese New Year. It was tough to juggle time with family, running, studying, baking and babysitting my niece, and getting enough sleep.  The whole family was only together for dinner on the 2nd day as my youngest sister and husband flew in then, and we flew off the next day to spend the rest of the holidays with hub's family.

(I always knew that marrying someone from the same hometown would save you the hassle of spending Chinese New Year in two different cities! I did not, however, manage to find 'The One' from my hometown. :P)

A busy day at the office yesterday. Colleague's 1 year old rascal
preferred sitting on my lap and clacking away on the keyboard.
We couldn't get a lot of work done! :)

I am looking forward to the Easter weekend as we're having Good Friday and Easter Monday off! YAY!!! 4 day weekend, woohoo!!!!

It's going to involve studying, running, sleeping, studying, cooking, eating and catching up with some old friends. Oh, and some house chores and shopping, I hope.

Speaking of shopping, there isn't any time to go shopping at all! 
*pulls at hair*

Joined SCTR's #10 Night Run yesterday - we had a huge crowd!

We will be at Bright next weekend for the Buffalo Stampede. I'll just be crewing for the hubs and hang out with the rest of gang who'll be crewing for their partners as well. I am quite excited at the possibility of meeting some top trail runners!! Not sure if I'll recognise them but I'll try to grab some pictures with them, anyway.

I can't believe it's been a year since I ran Buffalo Stampede ... holy smokes!
I sure hope that there'll be some improvement from last year's event - re: the finish chute and time clock!!!

Can't keep my eyes open anymore ...


  1. The Blerch has a cousin sister???

    1. i'm sure you don't want to meet its entire family? :D :D :D
      you'd be squashed alive!