Wednesday, May 6, 2015

If Only I Was Stronger

I tend to get rather down in the dumps after attending a revision session for the current subject which is fixed for exams on 23rd of May. Every time I log off the online class, it leaves me lost and clueless, and in my head I'd imagine myself running around without a head. 

Was that a pun?
I wasn't even deliberately making a pun, ha!

That's so lame...

Why is studying so hard when you're juggling work, taking care of the house or husband (geez!!) and trying to squeeze in adequate sleep, running and a bit of relaxation during the weekend? WHY??

I wish I was a bum again, and I'd have the time to do all of the above minus the work bit.

It is always hard to stop myself from whining and drowning in self-pity because I know it's just because I am tired and terribly bad at time management that I feel as if I am suffering.

Every time I feel this low, I'd mentally slap myself in the face and wobbly bum; tell myself that I am extremely lucky to be able to study, work, and reside in Australia. The school fees are terribly expensive (it has left a dent in our savings as I was not allowed to have an instalment plan #%#&$) and I tell myself that once I am certified insane qualified, I must earn that money back.

To keep myself sane for the next 2 months, I signed up for the Gold Coast half marathon and prepared a training plan to commit to. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to do what I set out to do this week. Hopefully I will have the weekend to make up for it.

And do gazillion lunges.
And squats.
And box jumps.
And planks.

In this exhausted state of mind, I wonder what I have done; how will I find the energy to do everything that I need to do?

OK, I am done lamenting to myself.

See, this is why I stopped blogging for so long, because I don't want to fekking whine and moan as if I'm a victim of uncontrollable circumstances!

I am just so bloody tired.

My birthday last Saturday was a low-key celebration, with the hubs taking me out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I wasn't expecting dinner out, to be honest, as I was planning on rotting on the couch at home and in front of the telly. (Well, I was hoping to study as well, but haha, fat chance.)

This was mine... I can't remember all the sashimi on this plate.

We both ordered a set each from the Chef's Degustation Menu and I tell you, we're not going to do it again. We were stuffed to the brim!

Wagyu Sirloin Tataki.

Wagyu Rump Steak was da bomb.

The steak left such an impression on us - it was so so so nice and tender and made the hub's Wagyu Sirloin Steak pale in comparison.

I am not much of a steak person, so I do wonder whether I was too easily impressed?

Assorted sushi.

By the time the 4th dish arrived, we were seriously ready to surrender. But oooohhhh, this piece of sea urchin sushi was so nice and creamy and this is me we're talking about - it was my first time tasting sea urchin! 

Loved it so much that we're thinking of coming back for more of this the next time. *drools*

Sake creme brulee with half a slice of rock melon.

Dessert was pretty good, too. I particularly enjoyed my green tea ice cream which I thought was quite intense in terms of flavour as compared to the creamy/milky versions from Haagen Daz / Hokkaido ice-cream back in Malaysia. 

The hubs enjoyed his creme brulee; not that I could taste the sake but it was equally delish. He says his dessert is better than mine. *shrug* Whatever.

I think we took a walk along the beach after dinner because our tummies were too stressed from the 'degustation'. 

Thankfully we did our long run the following day. :D

As I am turning into an eccentric old lady over here, I baked my own birthday cake but with no candles or grandeur to it. 

Mmm ... at least it was better than last year's one.

It's fattening!

I attempted to make key lime pie with our very own lime (plus 2 store bought ones) as the hubs has been bugging me to make key lime pie since ... last year. I referred to Jamie Oliver's recipe but used Arnott's Shredded Wheat for my base.

Once I get the base consistent to what I prefer, I think it's going to be a hit (with me). The slightly tangy but sweet custard is complemented by the whipped cream ... I don't know how the hubs can eat this without the cream because it is AWESOME WITH CREAM!!

I gave away 3/4 of the "pie" to friends and colleagues, otherwise I'd be having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and turn into Humpty Dumpty.

In fact, I feel the fats in my arms rolling about right this minute - probably a sign that I'd best go do some push ups now.


  1. Hard to concentrate on your moans when you also shared delicious food photos!

    Stay strong. You know you are strong! *hugs*

  2. Alright, gossip time in Gold Coast!