Friday, December 31, 2010

SCKLM 2010

(oooh, this was in my draft, not sure why it wasn't published!)

as you know, SCKLM 2010 was held on 27th June 2010...

it's our first anniversary of the 10km run for both YB and i, but this time, we didn't run together. we both clocked a much better time compared to our first time, so, hmmm, i guess it was alright!

i was hoping to clock a sub-60 min but i knew from my pace for the first 5km, i was going way too slow. oh well. i'll just have to shave off 5mins at my next 10km run and it'll be a new Personal Best!

a crazy cousin completed the half-marathon. she's contemplating doing a full marathon next year, i think. =)

i'm not sure whether we look better this year or last, but in terms of fitness, we're much better now!

now to lose some weight ... ack!!!

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