Friday, January 7, 2011

The Christmas Weekend 2010

It was a hectic weekend with trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible, though I'm sure nothing much (on my part) was accomplished. Seriously, you should know that by now! hehe. I'm good at making great plans but somehow I always manage to accomplish only half of them. =D

I'm trying to crack my head here, what was it that we did on Christmas day. I honestly cannot remember!

All I remember is with Ken and Nur back in KL for a while, we arranged to have dinner together. We first had to wait for Nur to return from Alor Setar before YB and I went over to Ken's place.

We hung out for a while (to play with his darling children) until it was 830pm and we finally headed out to Taman Tun ... STILL indecisive with our venue!

We ended up checking out Porto Romano in TTDI, facing Persiaran Zaaba. It was surprising that they didn't have an additional 30% surcharge, seeing that it was Christmas after all.

Since the place was full, we were given a table outside. It became uncomfortable for me when patrons on tables both sides from us started smoking. I started to fan myself with the menu because the smoke was in my face! *hmmfh*

Thankfully a table inside cleared and we managed have it before other patrons 'chup' it.

Ken had the french onion soup (no picture) which he said was disappointing. He was expecting one which is traditionally served with croutons and cheese as toppings.

YB and I ordered the Hawaiian Pizza and Vongole Spaghetti, while Ken and Nur chose the Calzone and steak something (no picture). The Calzone looked like a huge curry puff, but it was pretty tasty, better than the Hawaiian Pizza.

While the ham slices and pineapple pieces were slightly thick and dry on the pizza, the ham slices in the calzone were juicier, perhaps cooked better?

I'm not sure which steak they had but take a look at the piece of broccolli!

Ken's has fancy toppings while YB and I opted for the fruity ones.

After dinner, we went around looking for a place for ice-cream but couldn't find any nearby. So we decided to try out Tutti Frutti which is situated on the same row as KFC.

You know me, always hesitant in trying new and pricey places! So I guess I finally had the chance to put that aside and be adventurous.

So at RM5.30 per 100 grams, you are to select your flavours from Green Apple, Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange and Yam. Next, you choose your toppings and then it's weighing time.

Both YB and I shared a cup, while Nur and Ken had one each. Our total bill came up to RM38 something! That's probably 800gms between us? Crazy!

I noticed a few parents coming in with kids in tow... I'm not sure if I'd allow my kids to have a free rein of pricey yoghurt - what if they fill the cup with 500gms each and can't finish it?? =P

Raspberry turned out to be my favourite, with Yam coming second. But it make me think, though, how healthy can it be when you can taste the artificial sweetness, espcially for the Yam flavour?

Nur has always wanted us to take her hiking so we woke up early the next day to hike Bukit Tabur. The view was utterly breathtaking ... mesmerising - the day I didn't lug my camera up with me!

But that's ok, I'll just nick it off YB's album. =)

We then drove all the way to Damansara Utama to have nasi lemak at Village Park. Well, both of them had nasi lemak whilst I settled for the soto ayam - I was still recovering from tonsilitis! =(

Now I remember!

Saturday afternoon was spent at Doreen's place in Shah Alam for lunch. I couldn't eat much as most of the dishes were spicy. I'm sure they were great, though.

It was lovely to see both her and Devi again, as it's been a while since I last saw them. My ex-colleagues from many years ago and now friends. =)

Devi's family were there as well and I did my best to capture pictures of her grandchildren but it was tough! As you know, kids don't sit still and if they do, they stare at you so hard that you'd feel embarrassed. It's as if you're violating their privacy! ;)

I would have loved to have more time with them.

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