Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Food Pics!

I figured they have to go somewhere or my efforts will be wasted! Either that, I should stop taking food pictures. Someone told me my big boss commented to him, "You're taking pictures of food? Isn't that sad?"

When YB's parents were visiting in December, we took them to Kuchai Lama to try Fish Head Noodles at Win Soon Restaurant. Prices can vary from RM7.80 to RM10+, depending on your order.

Recently my colleague brought us there for lunch because he was craving for it. Both he and his girlfriend frequent the place during most weekends.

Dave's is our favourite restaurant in 1Utama. Where else can you be loaded with pork? Hehe. But speaking of pork, I think we were going to be sick by the time we finished our dinner - too much pork!

We had the Caesar's salad and their signature ham+mayo+pineapple pizza.

We also tried their Asparagus wrapped with bacon (RM5 per stick). It used to be enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon!!!

When Yin Yin told me that there was a nearby place serving Lui Cha, I told YB we had to try it one fine day. And that day finally came. Hor Por Restaurant is just around the corner from here.

At RM10, they serve your Lui Cha as picture above. That's for two persons, by the way.

We also ordered their fried rice (something, I can't remember!) and Yam buttons (RM6). Mind you, as it was a restaurant serving Hakka dishes, we had to try something hakka!

YB was disappointed with the Yam buttons, saying that all he could taste was flour. I told him that didn't my mum say yam was costly these days?

As the shop was air-conditioned, it's no wonder that their prices are on the high side. RM10 for Lui Cha, seriously? Not too sure if we'll ever go back there again if I should ever have cravings for Lui Cha again!

Since we were not going to make it for our movie at GSC 1Utama, we headed to Uptown for dinner instead. I insisted we try Jojo Little Kitchen for pan mee, since we always ate at Face2Face. Try some place new!

They have set deals for the day at RM8.50, and so I opted for the herbal chicken pan mee (sweet and non-spicy). I don't like my herbs to be hard! I was sorely disappointed with my choice,. =S

YB was on a roll for his quest for Fish Head noodles, so he opted to try their pan mee, fish head noodle style. He was bummed as it wasn't great.

I teased him to say that we're at a pan mee shop, surely we should have stuck to their signature dry chilli pan mee or traditional pan mee instead of being fancy? Hahaha! We really didn't enjoy our dinner that night.

YB wanted me to try this place where his colleagues and he went for lunch. Ang Kee Restaurant in Cheow Yang, is famous for its Lala Meehoon.

We only had that and a plate of green vegetables for dinner.

I'm not sure what's all the fuss about the Lala Meehoon, but my colleague told me that they are also known for its ... I can't remember what dish, but there are loads to try, anyway!

We were in Uptown to have my car serviced and without knowing where to go or what to eat, we wandered around until we ended up back at Gou Lou Restaurant where we previously tried their fish head noodles.

This time, we tried their curry mee instead.

OK, honestly, if I stare hard at these pictures, I feel like swearing off curry mee. Look at the oil! *gag*

My colleague received a huge box of chocolates for her birthday and offered us to try. One for YB and one for me. I have to admit, the blue is kinda garish.

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