Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pre-CNY Run with DR

(My goodness! I honestly thought I would have blogged about this when I was back home in KK for the CNY break but I guess I was just too lazy to slouch over the keyboard and in front of the computer for fear of wasting too much time on the Internet!)

The Dutamas Runners met up for a short run on Saturday, January 29th. We were supposed to run an easy 14.3k towards the government complex and to Petronas station in Desa Sri Hartamas and then back home.

We stopped at Petronas to regroup before we continued with our run. We attempted some jump shots but failed miserably.

YB, Melvin, Captain, myself and YLoon did 15km instead as YB and I inadvertently took the long route back, so the 3 guys just followed suit.

We tried some more jump shots at the end of the run but failed miserably again.

It was a good laugh, though!

I let them try a small piece of my cereal bar (batch no. 2) and I guess it was just OK. I was bummed that this one seemed more of a failure compared to the first batch! hmmmfh.

We headed towards Bandar Menjalara for a breakfast of fish noodles. I must say that this was the first time for the runners to get to know each other much better and it was enlightening, in a sense that we were being 'friends' and not merely 'acquaintances from running'.

Our next meet up will be on February 13th where we hope to nick some water and isotonic drinks from the two Pacesetters' water stations which will be set up. *innocent smile* Yin and I hope to don bunny ears for the run, in conjunction of the Year of the Rabbit!

In fact, I'm frantically crocheting it now! I hope I can finish in time!

Why am I crocheting a pair of bunny ears, you ask? It's because I found a pair selling for RM5.90 but the quality was very poor, with glue smeared on the head band.

I'm not sure how well will my pair of bunny ears turn out, though. *cross fingers*

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