Sunday, February 27, 2011


There's nothing more disheartening than to trip over a stone at 1.65km of your run and to sprain your ankle.

Yep, it was real sprain, because I cried out loud when my left foot landed at an odd angle.

In my heart, I went, "NooOoOoOoooooo~"

I want to cry in the inside, but as we hobbled back, we started brainstorming on how I was going to work out for the rest of the week while my ankle recovers.

Gym. I hate gym but looks like I'll be hogging the rowing machine and the stationary bicycle? I end that statement with a question mark because I'm not sure - I really find gym a bore!

And I don't enjoy swimming because I find it very tiring. Yep, I'm a horrible swimmer. But when injured, what else can I do?

Not only that, I'll need to be strict with my diet too, due to the lack of exercise.


2 weeks to Bareno and my hopes of doing a better time seems so unlikely right now.

Just yesterday while running with Lynn, she was telling me how women's ankles are just so bloody fragile and weak. Something like that.

*big sigh*


  1. be careful next time :) see you at bereno run! :)

  2. steph: will do, although not being able to work out is rather difficult. does that mean i'll have to reduce my food intake, so as to not gain weight? hehe.

    zErOiCe: ahhh, let's see if my ankle is OK by next week. i can't imagine doing the run without training for the next 10 days. eeks.

  3. hahaha.. losing weight is the best alternative for not doing training.. at least you are not heavy on race day.. :D