Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plan B with Dot

We met up for lunch on a Friday (14th January 2011), despite our busy schedules. I came across Plan B after reading its reviews on several food blogs and suggested to Dot whether her focus for lunch that day would be the desserts.

It was packed but we were lucky to get a table instead of waiting too long.

I'm not sure whether we ordered the 'right' dishes as both our choice failed to satiate our taste buds.

My Classic Caesar Salad was strangely empty. You know, after I cleaned up my plate, I waited a while to see what my taste buds would say: happy, satisfied, stuffed, disappointed.

They went,"that's it?"

Its presentation was quite similar to the one at DELIcious but I felt that the portion was probably 1/4 lesser than DELIcious'. *shrug*

Dot was equally disappointed with her Carbonara as it was very creamy but bland.

To be fair, I'm sure we had ordered dishes which were not on the recommended list. Many patrons could be seen enjoying their meals. Like the group of ladies behind us had Asian dishes (Nasi Bojari, perhaps) and the two men in front of us had a burger and pasta to share. Their burger was huge and looked so delectable that I wanted to reach out to ask them what exactly did they order whether it was good.

Then came for dessert.

We went to check out their display of savoury and sweet and I could not help but to be drawn to their huge muffins of Lamb Choriz & Gruyere Cheese and Tomato & Zucchini. They are priced at RM10 each and looked as big as my hand!

Eventually Dot and I decided to share the Caramel Bar (RM5) which we found to be a good choice for value for money. Topped with chocolate, the nuts were enveloped with caramel and rested on a hard chocolate base. We had to request for knives so we could saw the bar in pieces!

Definitely not a choice for first date meals! We both covered our mouths with our hands as weh took our time chewing.

Halfway through our portion, we both begun to be overwhelmed with its sweetness. Oops. Looks like you'll need four persons to share this bar!

I would like try other dishes on their menu the next time I'm there. Most definitely buying back a piece of scone (RM4) and a muffin soon!

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