Friday, February 18, 2011

Progress of the Bunny Ears

As I mentioned previously during the last LSD in January, Ms Phyllis of PACM did suggest we wear bunny ears for our LSD on February 13th. I decided to make my own after discovering that:

a) the bunny ears sold at Watson's were not worth the price of RM9.90 - the ears are oddly angled; and
b) the bunny ears sold for RM6.90 at Lovely Tales (I think they've changed names!) had smeared glue at the base of the ears so it looked really messy! (before CNY, I swear the price was RM5.90!).

So I decided that I'd make my own.
That was before I realised it was pretty hard work!

I was supposed to start off during the Chinese New Year break, but I ended up starting on another project (I have tons of unfinished projects! apparently they are known as WIP for "Work In Progress") - a lens pouch for my macro lens.

Anyway, the things you would need for this simple *cough* project:

1) paper - to draw the shape of your bunny ears;
2) felt or flannel - pink and white, preferably;
3) thread and needle - to sew them together, d'oh;
4) thin wires - to make sure that the ears are tied "up" to the hair band; and
5) a cheap plastic hair band.

oh, if you're crocheting, you'll need your instruction sheet! =)

Draw out the shape of the ears on paper. Cut out. Trace outline of the ears on your pink and white felt, so you should end up with 2 pieces of pink and 2 pieces of white. sew them together along the sides. Ta-daa!


I am a do-as-you-go person so I started on one ear (on the flight back from KK to KL) and when I finished it, only did I write down the instructions properly. It was a tedious task, but that's how silly I work sometimes!

I counted the rows and printed them out nicely so I could follow it for the 2nd ear.

You see that faint yellow thingy on the unfinished 2nd ear? That was a paper clip with a Post It (note to remind me that I stopped at Row 14.)
I used the ear to draw its shape on paper, then cut it out to trace it on the pink flannel. Trimmed it a bit, just too make sure the pink wasn't too big.

I sewed the crochet piece and pink flannel piece together with white thread. Leave a gap at the bottom of the ears to insert the wires.

I only used what I had so don't tell me that my wires were really too thin.=P


Now, bend them gently and insert into your ears, leaving about 2 inches of the ends sticking out.

I looped the end of the wires around the hair band. With some yarn, I sewed the base of the ears tightly to the hair band, going round and round and hiding as much of the wire as I could. Not a pretty sight, but that was the most I could do.

The end product.
Bent ears to give a slightly more authentic look, don't you think?
Don't think I'd be able to sell them for a profit, eh? ;)

I asked a friend whether he would be putting on Shrek's ears during the run. He said to me, "You make, I wear."

I took that as a challenge. I scoured the Internet for crochet patterns and pictures. I stared hard at Shrek's ears and compared them to some of the patterns I could find but in the end I decided to design my own pattern.

This time, I wrote down the instructions as I went along.
Finished them in one day. =)

Found a green hair band at Sinma for RM2.90.

The guy ended up saying that he was JUST joking, and so he didn't wear them for the run. Neither did I, anyway! I only wore the ears after the run.

Yin Yin and I posing with our ears. The ears received a lot of attention, which was rather embarrassing. I sure hope it was good attention and not bad! (Thanks very much for the support, Yin!)

Nevertheless, it was a good feeling to know that I can actually crochet something from scratch. *grins happily* I am, after all, still a beginner at crochet!

On the LSD run, I found it really hard. I had a tough time maintaining my pace, and I think it was due to the lack of sleep the night before. With only 4 hours of sleep (no thanks to coffee at 8pm!), I just couldn't carry on after the 18th km. I even got lost and took the wrong way and boy, was it hilly! We had to re-trace our steps to find our way back to Bukit Aman.

Random Runspiration Tips:
(I think I missed out on a few posts!)
#4 If you think you need to rehydrate along the way and PACM's 2 water stations are not enough, always bring a small bottle of water with you. Have you seen the smalll Spritzer POP fizzy water bottles? That size should be enough for you to bring along. You can also fill it with half portion of water and half of 100plus. Be sure to leave it out of the fridge the night before or you don't want to have problems holding on to a cold bottle during your run!

I was once told by a friend that rehydration is VERY important. You need to know your body well enough to endure long runs, so really, don't be shy if you need to bring a small bottle of water with you. =D

#5 Smile or wave or greet runners along the way. There was once, right after reading this article, I decided to be as thick skinned friendly as Raymond and greeted (almost) every runner on the road. I made count as far as I could (but gave up after 25) and only about 1/3 responded positively. Serious runners don't usually bother greeting you!

It did dishearten me for a while, because it made me feel silly for greeting them and not getting a response in return. But I guess THEY should be the ones who should be ashamed of themselves for not being friendly. I think. =D

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  1. Cool Ears! I wish I saw you guys in person in BA.. hehehe ;)