Friday, February 11, 2011

Hopping about

Oh my goodness it's hard work!

Some of us are doing a LSD this Sunday and previously a PACM member (Phyllis?) mentioned that we should put on bunny ears or lovebug ears, in conjunction of the Year of the Rabbit or Valentine's Day.

I told Yin Yin and we both thought it would be silly in a funny way to don bunny ears. I saw some selling for RM6.90 but didn't really like the quality of it, although the furry ears are sooooo nice to touch. =D

So I decided to make my own, but as I was supposed to start during the CNY break and I procrastinated (I only began on my flight back to KL!) I'm way behind from completing it.

But it looks like it'll be ready in time!

But I may not wear it. Shy leh!!


  1. Go wear it.. Be proud of your handmade bunny ears! :)

  2. haha, let's see if there are others who will wear bunny ears. if not, i'll have no choice but to wear them to be recognised at BA, since i'm not sure who will be running together at 6am. =)

    will you be running this Sunday?

  3. Sorry for the late reply.. I was out of the country last weekend that's why I wasn't able to run.. ;)