Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coffee at Ristretto

I've been meaning to try out the coffee at this place for a while now, ever since they dropped pamphlets into our mailbox to invite us over for a cuppa at a complimentary price of RM3.

Last Friday, I suggested to TQ to meet up for coffee after work.

Tucked away at 10 Mont Kiara deep inside of Jalan Kiara 1, one would not have spot this inconspicuous cafe if not for it's orangey brown banner hanging outside.

Someone brought us 2 menus stuck on clipboards. TQ was given the one with Kerokerokeroppi paper clips (note: I had to search online to spell it properly ;)). I must say the menu needs to be improved: the "welcoming" words on the cover are rather loud. Surely it's not necessary?

We eagerly flipped open the menu and browsed its coffee selection. As we were taking a while to decide, I had to politely tell the waiter to return in 5 minutes (meaning, "Please stop hovering around us! It's annoying...") while we decided.

I almost opted for the Baby Cino.

I think I should have.

We couldn't find titbits worth trying so we gave that a miss and ordered only a coffee each.

We chose to sit inside although they also have an al fresco dining area. As we watched the rain pattering on plastic, TQ and I caught up ... we didn't think it would rain so we never brought our umbrellas. =)

I wanted to sneak a picture of TQ because she's so young and so pretty and slim (*jealous*) and crazy and loves diving and I adore her lomo photos and ... gosh, I just couldn't stop admiring her youth!

TQ decided to go with the double ristretto. She said it was a bit sour. Why wasn't she given an option to have some milk by the side, I have no idea.

I went for the Special Cappucino. I had a hard time understanding the waiter who had explained to me that it was basically cappucino with shaved chocolate bits on top. Oh, ok then.

I was expecting a hint of lovely chocolatey taste but I couldn't taste it as the coffee was strong. Well, it was strong to me.

I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so don't shoot me if I say I was puzzled as to why I wasn't offered sugar to add to my coffee.

You'd think that having coffee at 6pm wouldn't affect my nocturnal rest but I was surprisingly wrong. I didn't sleep well that night and by the time I was in deep sleep, the alarm rang at 530am to remind me I had to get my butt out of bed and to Bukit Aman for my 13.5km run with Lynn.

Nevertheless, if their coffee is that strong, I'm definitely bringing YB over to have a try.

TQ and I think that what the place is lacking is a bit of warmth. Throw in a few more cosy armchairs by the corner and some soothing music, you'll have a better ambiance. We found ourselves leaning forward with our elbows on the table, and that can be quite tiring. Nevertheless, coffee is good enough to bring me back for another try. =)

website: Ristretto Cafe

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