Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I should be sleeping

But I'm not.

I've been sleeping so late these days that I'm a walking zombie during the daytime.
My eye bags are considered excess baggage that needs to be disposed off soonest possible.

Truth to be told, I was watching the rerun of The Biggest Loser and I got restless. I told YB I wish I could be running, too! *argh*

I also decided to make salmon fish cakes, as late as it was at 10pm. I did it my way. I added shredded carrots to use less potatoes. *shrug* the burnt bits taste really good, but I have to say that the salmon is just too fishy. Hmmmm ... I'm bringing some to work for lunch tomorrow.

I'm also really bummed about the swelling. Why is it swollen, argh!
The chinese guy mentioned something about my ligament and you know me, I never ask these people to just speak English to me so I can understand them. Instead, I'll just nod as if I fully understand.

Now I'm thinking of doing the Bareno Run do or die, but of course, I'll hobble slowly. *sniff* I won't repeat that I'm absolutely gutted, but I'm so disappointed with myself (it's as if I've ran the race and did a miserable time already!) for being injured.

These days, work is such a chore. I just don't enjoy it anymore. I hate it when the phone rings. I hate my desk because I'm such a slob.

Anyway, time to ice the ankle and then bed.

Nodding off.


  1. just enjoy the view in the bareno run.. :) continue putting ice on it.. ;)

  2. har? what view? =P
    aren't you supposed to say, "Recover first! Don't run if still injured!" and not ask me to worry about doing a good time for Bareno instead? =P

  3. hahaha.. coz i can see that you still wanna run.. that's what runners always feel.. like me.. even if sometimes i got heel pain.. i still run a bit.. hahaha.. :D just being positive all the time :D