Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Salmon Fish Cakes

I'm sure I mentioned somewhere that I was eager to make some salmon fishcakes and so I finally did it.

If you must know, my definition of cooking experiments include dishes which I've never cooked before and that's a VERY wide definition. ;)

The ingredients I used included 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, salmon fishbones, minced pork, 1 egg, mixed spices, salt and pepper. I chose salmon fishbones so I could scrape off the salmon bits for the mixture. As you know, salmon can be rather overpowering!

Boiled the potatoes and mash. Sliced the carrots as finely as possible if you don't have a grater. Technically, the recipe said onions but I forgot.

Mix everything together, but the egg must be last. Roll them into balls. I covered my hands with plastic because I didn't want the mixture getting underneath my finger nails.

Gently lower them into the frying pan and flatten them slowly, or they'll crumble.

I must say the more burnt the outside of the patty is, the nicer they taste!

Goes well with tartar sauce. ;)

I can't wait to make my own burger patties next!

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