Friday, March 18, 2011

Stab Me With A Fork!

You know how you try to be friendly and helpful and instead, you inadvertently get yourself unnecessarily involved?

I picked up a colleague's phone call during lunch today and explained to the person on the line that she was on leave and will only be back on Monday. The person went on to ask who was the boss to my colleague's boss. I went, "Heh?"

The person was given instructions by her boss to find out from my colleague who the BIG boss is so that they could liaise with him or her directly.

They want the Main Man, not my boss.

I said I wasn't too sure, as it could be a committee of people and not just one person. (My boss handles several portfolios, you see. Not only does he oversee my team's work, but probably a few other teams' as well.)

So I suggested she checked with ML, who is my colleague's immediate supervisor, after lunch.

Half an hour ago, she called ME up (!!!) to ask about ML. What was his full name?

I asked her why. She said her boss wanted to write us a letter and attention it to ML.

I said that attentioning it to ML itself is fine.

"No, I need his full name!" she insisted.

I explained to her that the letter will definitely reach ML as he is the only ML on this floor, anyway.

"But I need his full name!"
"I don't see anything wrong with giving me his full name," she went on.

"Really? I do. Why don't you ask him yourself? Why ask me!"

"Uhmm my boss did not ask me to speak to him directly." she replied.

WTF? Does that sound like an ambush or what?

It sounds sooooooooooooooooooooo fishy!

I warned ML to expect a strange letter and be careful the next few days lest he gets apprehended by strangers.

It could be an attempt to serve a court subpoena, who knows?

Yah, speaking from experience.

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