Friday, March 11, 2011

The Thing Is

Finally I have the whole day to myself to do all things that I've been wanting to do after work, but now all I feel like doing is laze about and do nothing.

The doctor gave me the day off to put my feet up, rest the ankle. The rash is atrocious. I

I'm contemplating walking the Bareno Run in my Teva's, but I doubt it'll be comfortable enough for the entire distance?

Pray it gets better by tomorrow. *stares hard at foot* Why isn't the steriods kicking in ASAP??

I really want to run! It's not the sprain, honestly, it's the bloody rash. I fear that if I put on my socks and when I sweat, it would irritate the rash more.

Help! Any ideas, anyone?

No, running barefoot is NOT an option.


  1. got rashes due to the sprain? or the steroids?

  2. rashes was from the chinese tit ta's bandage. it was the 2nd visit and he wrapped it with hot wrap. most people get allergic to it, sigh... somehow it got inflamed and worse.