Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Office

A few colleagues and I are busy packing up to move to another office situated in town this Thursday. We're dreading it because of traffic and the old and gloomy conditions of the building.*sigh*

iI'll have to walk from Dataran Merdeka, mind you, because it'll be easier to exit town and go home, and I *think* they still have season parking.

Melvin or someone did suggest I join Lake Gardens' Adination running/training but I'm rather clueless when it comes to Adination thingy.

It was a crazy busy weekend, productive one but with no mileage clocked. Feeling guilty, we said we'll do a LSD tonight but let's see how far we can run. I'm still feeling rather exhausted.


Does Red Bull help?


Found a copy of that article from the Harvard Business Review I copied from one of the interns when I first joined the department ...3 years ago?

Don't think I've read it yet.;D

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