Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bumbu Desa, The Curve

Yes, I hear you, "What, another food post?"

It shows a) how often i eat out; b) i always have my camera with me; and c) i should stop taking pictures of food!

But anyway, this was in January 2011 when I dropped by The Curve to check on something. My sister and I stumbled upon this place, thinking it was similar to Ole Bali in Solaris Mont Kiara.

We were wrong.

We stared hard at the menu, looking for something familiar to order but no, it was mainly dishes.

A waiter advised us to go up to the table to view their selection instead of relying on the menu. It took us a while to understand what he was saying as he was ... erm, foreign.

It was empty when we arrived, but slowly filled up.

Now this was rather funny. My sister and I both assumed it was ice blended red bean. When the waiter brought this bowl over, we said no, we ordered the ice red bean. He insisted that this was it.

Damn. I couldn't really finish up the bowl of big fat red beans. ;)

Since this meal was yonks ago, I honestly don't remember the prices. I think the kai lan was RM3.50 and mushroom was RM2.90. The Ayam Pepes (wrapped with pandan leaves) was chosen by my sister. It was infused with chinese root herbs, like tong gui or gin seng. We were pleasantly surprised.

I can't remember which chicken I ordered but I chose it based on its size. I thought, hmm, I might as choose a huge piece for that sort of price (RM8.90?)!

It was really spicy, but it was good!

Reviews say it's a Sundanese Indonesian restaurant:
The Nomad Gourmand
Live by Giving, Take by Forgiving

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