Monday, March 14, 2011


24th February.
We finally decided to meet up as we've been promising to do so since last August. With everyone's hectic schedule, we managed to squeeze in a slot for dinner on a Thursday night.

At BSC, there are a lot of places to choose from but it just depends on your budget. At first, I thought of Alexis, but V said she has been to WIP (which stands for Work In Progress) a few times already and likes the food there.

V ordered the Red Berries Margarita (RM25) while I had the Longan Magarita (RM25). I felt naughty *giggles* just because I haven't had a margarita in AGES. =P

The O'range Caipirinha (RM28). Isn't that a huge slice of orange and piece of sugar cane?

P ordered something which we didn't dare pronounce for fear of the waitress rolling her eyes and think we're hopeless.

Since I read somewhere that the Tofu Puff (RM18) was a delightful appetiser, we tried it. I was intrigued by how the inside could stay intact inside the tofu puff. Mmm, it was ok except that I felt that the smell of the minced meat was just a bit too strong. Or was I getting confused with bamboo shoots? I think not. (Ugh, I don't like bamboo shoots!)

Deep fried Calamari (RM18) was nice and crispy. Oh how I miss the calamari in Barcelona! Here in Malaysia, there are generally just squid rings. =P

I was disappointed that they served the same chilli sauce as the Tofu Puff.

The Hawaiian Pizza (RM26) was alright.

The obligatory photo taking session at the end of the night. =)

Why do I have such a big face? YB agrees it is my face that's big. Hmmfh.

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