Thursday, March 3, 2011

Set Lunch at Monte's

(this post doesn't deserve huge ass pics ;D)

I first ate here when I was doing my chambering yonks ago. The boss would occasionally invite some senior lawyers and the students out for a good meal.

I can't remember when was the last time I was here. So many things have changed!

My colleagues and I were invited by a service provider for a belated Chinese New Year lunch.


My colleagues had spent some time studying the menu to decide what to order. I suggested the Oxtail Soup as it is an old time favourite.

When our hosts finally arrived half an hour late, they requested for the set lunch menu.

We were stunned.

We've never before been asked or TOLD to order only from the set lunch menu.

My colleagues and I slowly put away the ala carte menu and obediently studied the set lunch menu.

I nonchalantly asked the person next to me, "Soooo, is everyone ordering from the set lunch menu?"

When he answered yes, my colleague across the table from me looked up and stared at me. I stared back.

I was trying hard not to laugh.

I shrugged.

And we took a while to decide what we wanted to eat.

It was a WTF moment.

Monte's was refurbished a year or two ago.

love the concept ... it gave me an outdoorsy feel.

The soup was not too bad.

I chose the homemade chicken burger which i enjoyed very much. The chicken patty was nice. I was cautiously tasting every bite to see if i could figure out the ingredients and try it at home.

It inspired me to want to make my own burger patties. =)

A scoop of ice-cream for dessert. I opted for chocolate, just because 2 people chose strawberry.

On the way back to work after lunch, my colleagues and I decided that we're not going out for lunch with them anymore.

i hope they don't come across my blog and read this ...

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