Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

*big sigh*

Yes, I really wished I had suffered the slopes and hills with everyone else but I was unfortunate/fortunate to give it a miss due to my recuperating ankle. The doctor gave me two days off work last week, directed me to put my feet up and under NO circumstances to run or jog.

Erm, yep, I neglected to disclose that piece of information, sorry. *innocent look*

On Sunday morning, I was up and about at 3am, getting ready as if I *was* indeed running, but it was more to lend support and encouragement for YB and Lynn. I was the supporter by the side, trying to hide behind a yellow poster that read, "Dutamas Runners" and man, I was shy. It's hard to be a lone supporter, mind you! Nevertheless, I did receive many queries about DR.
What are you? A team? Oh, running group, I see ...
So where do you usually run?
Dutamas? Where is that? Ohh Segambut ...
There were also inquisitive glances of the poster and I noticed someone stealing a picture of it! I wonder where is it floating around in cyberspace right now ...

So if you do see a picture of us and our yellow poster, do let us know so I can nick a copy. =D

I don't think I did a very good job in cheering the runners with my yellow poster, as I was busy trying to snap pictures as soon as the skies were light. *LOL* 90% of my pictures turned out bad so I am sorely tempted to erase the entire album.

I was in awe to see the crazy fast runners complete the half marathon in less than 80mins. I also had fun studying the pained expressions of runners at the finish line. At that moment, I was secretly relieved not to be going through the similar motions. *hehe*

He was recording the whole thing??

I do apologise for showing off my disgusting ankle to the DR members, as proof as to why I was skipping the run. I know I shouldn't have, but thank you for the few minutes of attention. *sniff*

Everyone had a decent run and that was great news, indeed! It's so nice to see the smiling faces after an event and bumping into familiar faces. Too bad we didn't have time to meet up for a good breakfast.

I must say that the vests, medals and finisher tshirts were of horrible quality.
I can't wait to get up and about again! It's killing me that I can't run to destress or sweat it out, arggggggh.
Guy on the right was reluctant to pose for a picture. =)

And all I do is eat and eat. Not a very good thing, at this juncture.

I finally managed to say hi to Yimster! =)


  1. The lady holding the yellow poster is Yin Yin Boey right? I saw her in my friedn i.e Dan Ching FB. See you all at Standard Chartered HM Jun 2011

  2. Hey, at least ppl know Dutamas Runners, thanks to you. It is quite interesting to be there on race day but not running. Of course 1 side is cursing...hehehe

  3. Chong: see ya if we see ya! it'll be soooo crowded!

    Tomato: true true, it's like putting DR on the "map". and it was different being a supporter la. but next time i hope i can volunteer to be a marshal. =)

    zErOiCe: you said that for Bareno but you never said hi, though? the next one then! =D

  4. Hi Chong
    Yep, that's me :) Sorry, I'm so blur with names and faces...have we met before?

  5. Hi Yin Yin,
    We have not meet other and sorry to confuse you. My wife and I were course-mate and old friend of Germain Tan Dan Ching and we saw your photo at her FB. Influnced by Germain, we are actively participate in running recently. We did run in Bareno Run 2011 - 10KM and thanks god, we both in the finisher medal list. Unfortunately, not much time to stay longer after race or else we might meet. Can we add you in FB as running network and share the experince of running?