Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ba Da Bing

It's a lovely rainy morning to be snuggling up in bed under the covers but nooooo we don't have such luxury because we have to work and earn a living.

I woke up early this morning with the grand plan of coming in to work before 8am. Sadly, my time management needs more work because by the time I stepped into my car, it was 757am. Sheesh. (I burned my favourite blouse while doing a quick iron!)

The next few days until the end of the month is going to be hectic. My team is moving office into town and whilst we have to continue doing our work, we also have to do the packing up and tidying up. Argh! We need physical files, too, you know, not just working on soft copies.

And my phone has rang thrice already. *monkey face*

The skin is a burnt colour and I officially have eczema, AND another rash at the side of my inner foot. Gah, it's so annoying!!
I had a wary run yesterday evening, just to test whether my ankle was OK and well, I needed to work out anyway. Wary because, I was very conscious as to how I'd place my foot on the ground and I kept studying the ground to avoid pebbles.

Although I was short of breath, I'd like to think that I managed to keep a more or less consistent pace throughout the 7km run. It took a minute longer than usual, so it wasn't too bad, I guess! I was expecting worse, like 5 minutes or more. =P

Anyway, what does one get for a girl who is celebrating her first birthday? I am hopeless when it comes to kiddy stuff, unless you're saying more clothes and toys and books and cupcakes? I don't think I have enough time to crochet something small and nice, hehe.

I was just commenting to my colleague yesterday how sad it is when your boss does not help or offer any guidance to nurture the potential in us, but leave it to us to take our own initiative for personal advancement. I know there are many bosses like that, but I am not sure not ALL are like that.

A good leader will let go and see you prosper in many ways, allowing you and even assist you in seeking out greener pastures. It's a shame, isn't it, when one does not know how to be a mentor?

At this moment, a lot of us are on the lookout for better things because the longer we stay, the more stifled and supressed we'll be. We're still young! We need better things to lead to a better life! Start a family! Just to survive!

So where shall I go?

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