Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Easy Run with Lynn

In January, even before the Chinese New Year holidays, my friend, Lynn and I made a date with each other to run together on February 26th. Talk about making advance appointments with each other lest they forget or don't have the time!

Anyway, my crazy friend, Lynn signed up for her first ever full marathon at the SCKLM 2011 and needs as much mileage as she can or she'll freak out and moan to the world about how terrified she is.


Sorry, I do enjoy teasing her like mad, but I'm not sure if she's actually reading this ...

Anyway, we invited a mutual friend as well as Lynn's old school friend so we had 2 girls to add to the group. Yay! Eventually, it became a Dutamas Runners' event as well. For this 13.5km run, only Captain and Melvin came along. Oh, let's not forget YB.

Melvin was late but he eventually caught up with us after the 2nd km. I told him to continue on as he'll definitely catch up with Captain and YB, since YB was told to wait for us at the junction of Jalan Bukit Tunku, in case I get lost again.

Lynn and I took our time to keep an eye on our 2 girls. I didn't want them to get lost as it was their first time running from Bukit Aman and through Bukit Tunku.

The plan was to do the Double Hills parallel (i.e. Jala Bukit Tunku - Jalan Tunku - Mahameru - Jalan Sultan Salahuddin) and back to Jalan Parlimen (approx 10km) and then up again towards Tugu Negara and back down Jalan Sultan Salahuddin towards Jalan Parlimen, completing it as 13.5km.

The guys finished their run much earlier. The 2 girls stopped at 10km. So I tugged Lynn along the 3.5km loop, reminding her that she needed the mileage for the Bareno Run on March 13th. We did our best to hurry as the sun had come up. She was complaining about being very thirsty and I only had a sip of water to spare. =P

After the run, the 7 of us went to Lai Foong at Petaling Street for breakfast. The thing with running with me is that I usually have a breakfast place in plan after the run! How else to motivate others to join us for our runs, eh?

I decided to try the pork noodles because blah blah blah I'm not supposed to eat too much beef or my skin will break out. I loved the smooth feel of the kuey teow and the minced meat. It was just an OK 6/10.

Most of them ordered the beef noodles and YB requested for the laksa type of noodles for the soup. We've learnt our lesson from our first visit that tripe isn't usually added to your noodles, but comes as a separate bowl. That would cost you RM7.

Our order for drinks took a while because the lady who came to take our orders was probably new or inexperienced and couldn't remember everyone's orders. We asked for 100plus and she gave us coke. Only Lynn ordered the iced chinese tea, but she brought 3. Melvin had to wait til she had brought our drinks to the table before she took his order. hehe.

And I had to help her calculate the bill.

We chose Lai Foong because YB likes their coffee. Anyone can suggest where we can find good kopitiam coffee?

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