Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Bake Oats and Almond Chocolate Cookies

The sudden urge to "bake" cookies came upon me on Tuesday when I was reading Eat Live Run. It never occurred to me that I could make cookies without the need to bake them!

So I set out to try the recipe with slightly different main ingredients: rolled oats, almonds, dark chocolate and Marie biscuits. Butter and milk are also required.

Now the 'original' recipe included cocoa, chocolate chips and sugar but I excluded those. The thought of the cookies being too sweet ... well, didn't catch my fancy.

First, I cooked the oats slightly. The recipe never said you needed to cook it, but I was hesitant. This could have been the problem, but I'll explain this to you later. hehe.

OK, so I was being thrifty. I really wanted digestive biscuits, but I didn't want to waste money in the event my experiment turned out wrong! =P

Almonds. I bought a huge bag, thinking it was RM5.99 but it turned out to be RM13.99. Nooooooooes~ ...
They're quite addictive, though! I'll just add them into my morning cereal. =)
Because I didn't want to buy baking/cooking chocolate. =P

I blended the almonds because I didn't have a pestle. I need a pestle!
(I have informed YB of this. His reaction? "To do what again? Crush almonds? For what, sorry? "Bake" cookies?")

I crushed the Marie biscuits with my hands and mixed them both together.

To the stove we go!
One tablespoon of butter. Throw in the chocolate bits (approximatedly 9 squares) and pour in some milk.
Add in the oats, biscuits and almonds. Mix and stir.

At this rate, I thought I was making my breakfast porridge of oats, but with chocolate. =P

THEN, I was supposed to wet my hands and make cookie balls with my bare hands and then gently flatten them but because I feared I was going to scald myself *roll eyes* I just used 2 spoons and put them on plates.

Refrigerate until they are hard.

In my case, they never became hard. WHY??
It could have been the cooked oats, as they retained too much moisture.

Anyway, even without sugar, they were sweet. I'm adding in more oats and biscuits next time!

I think they were still nice to eat, though. =D
In fact, they're all gone!


Maybe I'll try again right now ...


  1. yes yes, try!
    i've bought those cupcake cups for the next round! =D

  2. all gone?
    haiya...make more la n let us know so we can be your QC officer! hahahaha!

  3. soon, tomatoman, soon...
    next one ~ homemade granola bars! make sure you come and run first la, then after that can try. hehe.