Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Week of the Year

OK, I'm actually beginning with the last day of 2010 where we were busy with goodness knows what, I honestly can't remember. Dinner that night was somewhere in Kepong where the Captain (of Dutamas Runners) kindly extended the invitation to both YB and I to join his friends.

With a table for ten, it was definitely an excuse to order more dishes. =)

There was tofu, mantis prawn, marmite spare ribs, salted egg chicken and long beans.

Not forgetting the fish and spinach. =D

I don't think I ate much that night, I did my best to control myself, but heh, come late that night, I was peckish.

The next day was the first day of 2011 and I spent almost 8 hours in Pavilion doing some shopping and eating, of course. Ah, it was great catching up with the bff, although we didn't have enough time.

We decided to have tea with Jill at Godiva's and you know when girls get together, it's always necessary to have desserts. We had a slice each of the Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate to share while each of us ordered our own drink.

The Dark Chocolate was very rich and at first bite, I went on a high. It tingled my senses and enveloped me in thick, rich, chocolatey goodness which my Dark Chocolate Decadence drink failed to do.

The White Chocolate was plain OK for me, but I know the bff preferred it since it was less rich.

The problem with indulgence is that once you allow it, sometimes it'll rekindle your sweet tooth craving and then I'm toast. The diet falls back on to square one. Phhhbbt.

On Tuesday I accompanied my colleague to Merienda de Eva just for fun. I ended up buying a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake because it looked fresh, and the thick base was so tempting. The centre was a bit too soft for me, while the outer side was on the dry side. Nevertheless, it was pretty good.

On Wednesday saw my team having lunch with one of service providers at The Ming Roonm, BSC. Dim sum!
Strangely, once again, I didn't eat much. I'm not sure whether it was because there weren't many dishes for everyone to indulge or I was trying not to be too greedy.

My favourite is always the egg tart. I had two pieces, because everyone was shy! =D

Then we headed down to the Gourmet on the ground floor to check out the savoury stuff.

I then felt bad that no one wanted to buy ANYTHING so I decided to buy 3 Chocolate puffs (RM1.40 each) and one Double Chocolate Muffin (RM3.80). Before you judge me and my lack of control, I only had the Double Chocolate Muffin while I gave away the chocolate puffs. =D

I must have had high expectations because I only found the muffin to be OK. It was rightly moist inside but dry on the top. Perhaps I should have heated it up just a tad bit?

Last night, we had to meet up with some friends for drinks so we decided to have dinner first. We found our way to 3 Two Square at Section 19, Petaling Jaya and thought we'd try out Boston.
Not sure what (stupid) noodles YB ordered but it was NOT value for money. Don't be misled by its 'healthy' bland look but it turned spicy once you mix everything together - there was some sambal right at the bottom of the bowl.

I chose the Spicy Brinjal and Fish Fillet baked rice which didn't look baked at all! Regardless, the dish was surprisingly tasty. =)

Besides that, YB ordered the yam milk shake which was HORRIBLE. It was disgustingly milky and sugary sweet.

I'd say to you, please avoid their outlets at all cost. It's like Kim Gary but worse. =P

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