Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who is following who?

I dragged the Captain to accompany me to the Pacesetters' Track Meet 2011 at Selayang Stadium this morning. We arrived at 7am, thinking that the first event would kick off then. It only started 15mins after 7am.

I was there to attempt some sports photography, seeing that my camera has been neglected for some time now.

There are two reasons why I love this picture. First, her stride is amazingly long - I aspire to reach that level, the illusion of long legs (for tubby people like me) and looking like a gazelle. Secondly, I love how her daughter is enjoying running as well and her mum is running along with her to keep her going. The girl participated in a few events, if i'm not mistaken, the 100m and the 200m.


Do you think my kids are going to pick up running as well. if and when I have kids? =D

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