Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soon Lei Restaurant

December 15th, 2010.

A friend took my colleague and I for lunch. I've tried to find reviews for this place but to no avail. Could it be "Shun Li " instead of "Soon Li"? (Friend has forwarded me this link.)

Anyway, the place serves "small dishes" to share for lunch.

I didn't know what I wanted to eat! There seemed to be loads to choose from.

The shop's name?

Anyway, we left it to our friend to choose the dishes for us.

First, the Fried Chinese Rice Cake, Hokkien Style reminded me of "Mi Hun Kerr", known as "Hokkien Flour Cake". With only one standard size to choose, it is RM6 per plate.

My verdict? Nah, no biggie.

The Fish Head Noodles has three sizes, priced at RM12, RM18 and RM22. We opted for the medium size.

I wasn't impressed with the fishy smell and taste. =S

Three sizes priced at Rm5.50, RM10 and RM14. Compared to the other 2 dishes, I would have to say I liked this one the most.

Except that I found it on the salty side. (What's wrong with me?! So fussy, eh?)

They said that this was no biggie, but I enjoyed this the most! RM12.

I would love to go back there again to try other dishes. My friend warned me not to arrive late or I'll have to wait a while for food to be served.

What's not in the picture: Bean curd + barley + soya milk. Apparently it's really good!
They are only open for lunch!

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