Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

I came across my draft listing down my supposed 2011 resolutions which i've yet to decide/confirm whether they should be published. i found them quite funny really, as they did not include "eat less chocolates" and "don't buy too many magazines and books" this year - i guess i've resigned to the fact that i will always be hooked on books and chocolates.

I'm just going to break down the resolutions into categories:

1. To complete at least ONE full marathon.
2. To maintain a sub-60min for 10km.
3. To do at least 2 dive trips.
4. To get my Advanced Open Water cert.
5. To make the 3 major holidays happen! =D

1. Lose 3-4kg by April 2011. (Oooh, it's going to be tough!)
2. To keep track of all the books I've read (in fact, I've already started this in November!)
3. To be a bit more tidy/organised - this will be a definite failure, i know it!
4. To start writing letters again - LOL! But i really do miss letters in my mailboxes!
5. To try a new recipe at LEAST once a month (guess what's in store for January? Chicken & Pumpkin Curry and Glutinous Sesame Balls!)
6. To save enough money for 3 upcoming major trips for the year!
7. To be able to express my happiness properly - everyone thinks I'm a cranky old woman because of my perpetual frown!
8. To start saving more and investing! <--- very unlikely!
9. To be a better photographer.

In summary, 2011 goals are:
1. To obtain my Advanced Open Water (AOW)
2. To achieve my target weight and maintain it forever! (Biggest challenge ever!)
3. To do a 2-hour half marathon (it doesn't sound right to say sub-2)
4. To be able to achieve and maintain my target weight.
5. To get that 3 major holidays/trip for the year sorted!

Most of all, I have to remember to be a better person.

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