Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee Ritual at Section 14, Petaling Jaya

It was a Saturday, January 15th. YB and I were wandering around PJ, not knowing where to go for good coffee. I then remember my colleague recommending Coffee Ritual to try. He did warn me, however, that they could be pricey for some people.

While waiting for our food and coffee, a group of enforcement officers came in on their rounds. I get so worked up seeing them as I feel that most of them are cocky and love creating havoc during business hours.

One of them asked to see the shop's licence, and the lady informed him that their licence sticker is on the glass door. No, the officer said, he wanted to see the papers.

Only one officer was checking the papers, while the rest were resting their poor aching (ugly) butts after a hard day's work. phhbbbt.

Anyway, we were disappointed when we were told they were not serving sandwiches for lunch. YB was hungry so we had to order something. We had no choice but to settle for crepes, as that was the only thing they were serving.

I have definitely forgotten what was it that we ordered. Mushroom & Turkey Toast Crepe (RM10.40) is my best bet!

(oops, it's actually COFFEE Ritual, not Cafe Ritual. *shy*)

Ooh, it's cheesy as well!

I was relieved to find it pleasing, but I only ate half of my share as I was still full from breakfast.

For coffee, I opted for the Flat White (RM6.20) and YB had the Sumatra Mandheling (RM6). We both enjoyed our coffee!


  1. Hmmm. That looks pretty good!

  2. Hey hey, doc!!! Happy New Year!
    You've been busy. =)
    Good to know that you're doing great over there, with your lovely girls!!