Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Last Weekend of November

(old pics!)

At some coffee shop in Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut. YB wanted beer and he hadn't had dinner so it was the only place i could think of. The plate of wan tan noodles is KYK's which wasn't great. The curry mee wasn't that great either. =P

We decided to eat at Udang King Cafe at Bayu Walk before we headed to Ipoh to celebrate YB's dad's birthday. Its hot Nescafe came in a pot and a cup which looked more suited for serving tea.

I had the Kampung Fried Rice at RM11.90. Big portion and it was good enough to fill the stomach.

YB was craving for Fish Head Noodles and his bowl looked really huge! Priced at RM15.90, it would definitely be enough to fill your tummy. Taste wise, it was nothing to shout about.

Back in Ipoh, YB told me about the wan tan noodles at the row of hawker stalls at the Indera Mulia Stadium so we headed there after he and his friend finished their game of tennis. Check out the baby wan tan!

Dinner that night was at someone's baby's full moon party where the most popular dish was the roast pork sliced/cut right in front of you! yum yum.

Everyone was gushing how easy it was to drink the wine and so I went to check it out. It was because it was Lambrusco. =D

For breakfast before we left Ipoh, we tried the fish noodle soup somewhere ... just because YB was having a MAJOR craving for fish noodle soup that weekend! sheesh. Nothing great, I suppose.

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