Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Merienda de Eva

This is Part 2.

Yonks ago, I decided to try their carrot cake (RM8.00). Every time I was there, I'd eye it, imagining the taste of cream cheese in my mouth.

But I was so wrong.

Perhaps I should have heated it up? Because it was hard and dry and I didn't enjoy it.

My colleague had a small slice which was part of a set lunch and she said it wasn't too bad - as they heated it up before it was served.

Remember what I said about their takeaways? No service charge!

Set lunch of roast chicken set, and opted for their macaroni salad for the side. Enjoyed my meal tremendously. I didn't take a picture of the dessert, though. It wasn't picture-worthy, I think. =D

Each set lunch includes Iced Lemon Tea.

Erm, yes.

You can tell that I eat a lot of cakes. This was their Mocha Praline (RM8.00) which I must say was the 2nd worst of the lot. Although it was nutty with bits of walnuts and other sort of nuts (yes, I am not a food blogger so my description is horrible!), the cream was too sweet (coming from a person who has a sweet tooth!) and the layers too dry.


This should be the Grilled Chicken, I think. Each set comes with Iced Lemon Tea which is crazy sweet!

I didn't take a picture of the dessert which probably wasn't picture worthy. Hmmm. It could have been a small slice of Caramel something (too sweet) or Tiramisu (very good! It's non-alcoholic)!

I think I prefer the Roast Chicken. =)


Besides their set lunches and main courses, they also serve some savoury bites like apple strudel, tuna puff, lamb pie, beef pie, chicken pies, etc. I tried its mini Chicken Carter Pie for RM1.80! That's the takeaway price! If y0u eat in, it will be RM5.00.

Recently, they have the large Chicken Carter Pie for RM5.00 takeaway.


This was my lunch last week, I can't remember which day. I decided to eat in as the air-conditioning in my office was fekking cold!

Roast Chicken set, served with a side of coleslaw(ish) and potato salad. It was good. I mean, I enjoyed the chicken and the potato salad. =D

A small slice of apple pie to complete the set lunch - all for RM14.90.

Didn't like it. It wasn't warm enough and once again, it was too sweet.


Not knowing what to have for lunch on Friday, I found myself in their shop. I wanted the chicken pie but they were out.

I spotted a new cake on display, the Banana Toffee Cake. So ... I couldn't help myself but to order a slice to take away (RM8.00).

It was as good as it looks, its layers reminding me of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence but not much mousse in it. It was still a bit sweet but it's toffee! I can forgive. =P

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I had a tummy ache that afternoon and not too sure whether the cake was the root of the cause. =S

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