Friday, November 26, 2010

Sudu at KL Hilton

So the other sister was in town for work over the weekend and not really knowing where to go, I suggested to try Sudu at KL Hilton. The last time I was there was many years ago *thinks* ... abouve 5-6 years ago.

Google for images of the restaurant because honestly, I was more interested in devouring the food after taking part in the Charity Nature Run.

Except for the ceiling near the entrance of the restaurant. =)

Salmon cocktail, anyone? I don't know what's it called! I just ate it, because my sister took it for me. =)

Ooh, what a lovely scallop!

I just HAD to, y'know? I miss eating fresh scallops!

I zoomed in on the oysters and filled up a plate. This plate was for sharing, - i ate the ones with tabasco sauce.
(But I probably devoured 4, as my sisters wanted to theirs on their own plates. rolls eyes*)

Next up for me was some smoked salmon, smoked duck and scallop again. I remember I didn't quite like the texture of the smoked duck.

I didn't try the smoked chicken, though. They still had loads on display.

What I didn't know was that they didn't replenish the spoons of scallops so my youngest sister was a bit upset when she only managed to have one.

I had 3. =P

Tried the hash browns, a small piece of herb infused lamb loin, cod in tomato something something ... and more oysters!

You can ignore the slices of smoked turkey which tasted like ... hypermarket's own home brand budget products.

We also tried their tomato based pasta and cream based pasta. The tomato based one was bland, so please don't bother! The cream based one was OK, it had mushrooms in it. =)

But then again, both my sister and i were rather clueless. All we did was, "uhhh one tomato based pasta and one cream based pasta. Uhmmm, spirals for cream based and spaghetti for the tomato based one, uhh ... ok." and went back to our table.

I also took a piece of duck wrapped with pancake (?) which i presume was trying to mimic the Crispy Peking Duck Pancake. It wasn't crispy so it was rather forgettable for me.

On to the desserts.

Do NOT try the Chocolate Mudcake as it was dry. The mango pudding thingy was OK.

That chocolate mousse + stuff in a glass was decent. No, the strawberry thingy next to the mango pudding slice was not good.

Nor was the cream caramel.

It's true what the reviews say - the desserts suck bolls to the max.

It looks pretty but doesn't score too high in the taste department.

Overall, I sure hope I ate my money's worth of oysters and smoked salmon and everything else. Sunday's Brunch is RM148++ per pax for non-Hilton members with free flow of juice. If you want free flow of champagne/wine, it will be RM258++ per pax.

Yes, it was very painful on the wallet so I would suggest you go for it's lunch semi-buffet on Mondays to Saturdays for RM99++, RM119++ or RM129++. (Not too sure of this! I just know that I got the raw end of the deal with RM148++ on a Sunday! *phhhbbbtt*)

Christmas is a month away!!

YB and i headed down to town that night to visit a cousin-in-law for dinner. After ten minutes of deliberation, we settled for Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine on the 6th floor.

We ordered the Pad Thai and Thai Pineapple Fried Rice.

Only the lobster's head impressed me in terms of presentation. The noodles were sticky and you couldn't pick up a mouthful with your fork without picking up the entire blob of noodles!

Taste wise, just ok.

The fried rice looked pale and looked unappetising. OK, perhaps the colour was due to pineapple juice or something. Taste wise, I would say that the cashew nuts was its saving grace.

Honeydew and sago for dessert. It was refreshing enough to appease me. =)

After dinner, we headed on to the Rainforest Sports Bar to catch the Asian Games badminton finals between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei. It was a shame to LCW lose the third game oh so badly!

BUT, I must say that I enjoy watching Lin Dan play as somehow, he just looks so graceful as he moves around the court and his smashes are just powerful! *swoon* Not forgetting his *cough* body ...

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