Monday, November 29, 2010

Merienda de Eva

This is Part 1.

Since they opened sometime in August/September, I've been frequenting this place at least every fortnight for their cakes and/or set lunches.

This post has been in my draft for months now, and it's best I get it out of the way this instant!

My first visit was with a colleague in September.

She ordered a slice of Rocky Road Mocha something(RM8.00) for lunch. =)
She enjoyed it a lot. I must admit I can't recall much about it as I was saving space for my lunch.

She ordered a side of macaroni salad for RM5.50. It was pretty good and we both agreed that we'd come back for more of it. =)

Recently, they revised the price to RM6.00 per serving.

I had the set lunch of grilled chicken with two side dishes for RM11.90.

As they were still learning the ropes, most of their customers had to wait a while for their food to arrive. They even got some orders mixed up, which annoyed the starving customers!

I waited for almost 30mins for my food to arrive and man, I was starving.

I'd say that the buttered rice was a bit bland to my liking, so I was thankful that the macaroni salad was good. It has a tinge of sweetness (from relish, i think) and a hint of celery.

The following week after my first visit, I paid them another visit for some cake.

I tried the Moist Chocolate Cake (RM8.00) and it was heavenly. Ooooh all these years it has been hard for me to find the right kind of 'moist' chocolate cake in KL!

When I was younger, my mum's friend would always give us a whole Moist Chocolate Cake for Chinese New Year and my sisters and I would just devour it as much as we could, so that mum wouldn't give half the cake away to her colleagues. We didn't want to share!

The next time my colleague and I were there, we decided to share a meal.

We opted for chicken lasagna (or beef, I can't remember) for RM12.90 (if it's chicken, it's RM11.90) which came with 2 slices of bread.

We found the pairing strange as there was nothing to complement the bread with, no balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side. Hence, it was rather dry.

The mashed potato (RM6.00) was the bomb. Awesome!

The entire meal was filling enough for the both of us ladies to share. =)

I ordered the ... uhm ... (crap, i forgot! it's been too long!!) ... it looks like cappucino ... (or was it cafe latte?) which was good enough for me. (I was just reminded that it was Flat White.)

1. The variety of cakes changes every now and then.
2. There is NO service charge for takeaway.
3. My favourites: lasagna, macaroni salad, potato salad and mash potato.

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