Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charity Nature Run 2010

Saturday, 20th November.

Joined a supposedly 'easy' run at Desa Park City and i was quite apprehensive about it. I mean, how easy would it be, running with a super duper fab runner?

It turned out that he obliged us with a slower pace of 5.3 km/min which must have been terribly boring for him.

It was, to my relief, easy when we stopped after 40mins. I didn't want to get too tired for the actual run on Sunday!

Yes. To be an elite runner, you should be THAT lean and mean.
It'll probably take me gazillion years to be that light and fast!
We headed to FRIM after breakfast to pick up our bibs for the Charity Nature Run 2010 organised by students of ALC.

We got excited when we saw the banner, as it probably brought us back to university days. Handwritten signs! =))

There were some Elite runners queuing up as well ...
*LOL* i know i'm being mean, but we were curious as to why they were there. Maybe they were waiting for the students to wrap up, or maybe they were hanging around to show some support ... i dunno! =)

Sunday, 21st November. Race Day.
Arrived as early as 755am. Hung around. Warmed up. Met new people. Was informed that the 8km route could be shorter than expected. Ears perked up, ooooh, and mentally adjusted my target pace.

Tweeted some time after the race.

That we won top 3 for 3 categories. =)

girly pic with the girls! =)
I got third place in the Women's Open. Yin yin and her mum got first and third place respectively for the Women's Veteran Open. Well done to the both of them!!
Our prize? A 3-week pass with 1 personal trainer session at Celebrity Fitness.

Dutamas Runners' group pic.
The most important thing for us that day was our group pic. An event like this is not complete without fellow runners and friends who encourage and cajole each other to keep running.
KYK won first place for the Men's Open and the rest of the fellows got their medals, too! It was initially limited to ten medals per category, but a few weeks ago, the organiser announced that it was increased to 40.
our imaginary podium finish. =)
Nope, the winners did not get a chance to get up on stage, nor were their names announced. A strange way to end an event, i must say!
Instead, the organiser's focus was somehow on the Lucky Draw, where its winners received more fortune and fame, literally! =P

We look like a teenage couple at a school event, hehe.

I didn't expect such a nice medal, honestly.
And it was 9km+, not 8km as informed. =P

I can't think of any random tips for beginners at the moment, except this: Always be supportive. Never stop telling someone that they "can do it", because they can. It's just a matter of how and how long. =)
Always tell them a job well done after a run. Because that's what others will say to you!*
*And if they don't, well, they're just jealous.

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