Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Deepavali Weekend.

Friday itself consisted of an early morning trial run of 2 loops along the Malakoff route. We gathered outside 7-11 of Plaza Damansara in the dark (625am). We also had an audience from the first mamak shop and the chinese kopitiam while we waited for everyone to arrive, snapped pictures, stretched and warmed up.

The girls whispered among themselves and giggled,"Eh, warm up 1 round? Does it count to our mileage?", "This is called a warm up? It's like a run proper!", "Tired already how to run!", "Must we really do this striding warm up?", "Do lah, do lah! Just try only!"

It felt like P.E. class all over again, where the girls are reluctant to do certain things. ;)

The route is indeed a tough one, with slopes to conquer without stopping to walk or catch your breath. The first time round was an eye opener as some are unfamiliar with the route and you'd be wary. But come the second round, you will be more prepared for it and know what to expect, so it was easier to pace yourself.

Throughout the run, i was thinking to myself, "OMG, what have i signed up for?? I'm not going to hit my target time, CRAP!!!" *grumble grumble*

Feeling somewhat responsible towards the girls (as i invited them to join the Dutamas Runners for this particular run), i felt obliged to make sure they were ok. Blah. i know i shouldn't have been a 'mother hen' but yah, i couldn't help it, honestly. Hope they didn't feel suffocated by me!

Next time, i'll let them be. hehe.

(I must admit it was hard to play the role of 'Assistant Coach', so i think i shouldn't try anymore ...)

The obligatory group pic after the run. The serious face just cracks me up!!

It was then breakfast at Bestari @ Solaris Dutamas.

Run Verdict: Good workout for the bum and thighs. Woke up on Saturday morning with tired legs. Must definitely do the route again!

Come afternoon, i made my way to Old Town Kopitiam @ Cheras for some board games session. FINALLY! It has been a while and man, i'm still bad at strategising!

I was introduced to You're Bluffing, Agricola and Railways to England & Wales. I also requested a quick game of Puerto Rico for old times' sake. =)

thanks, CK, for all the bad photos of me, haha!

Saturday was girly time with Dot & Steph, and my sister.

We met for lunch at 11am at Sushi Zanmai, Gardens to beat the crowd. We ordered loads but couldn't really finish everything up. Had loads of laugh and catching up with everyone. =)

can't really trust waiters with cameras, i'm afraid. it was a rather blur photo of us! but notice how thin my arm looks ... =P

this is good! it was my first time trying it. =)

this looked ridiculously healthy! but thank goodness for the sesame dressing.

the caterpillar roll, salmon sashimi, tempura on rice ...

Thereafter we proceeded to San Terri's for coffee and desserts, which turned out to be an uncomfy open place. hmmm. The slice of Opera was bad, perhaps it wasn't fresh ...

left to right: Opera, Footy & Chantily

my cup of cappucino. =)

Didn't managed to get a lot of shopping done as i had to rush back to pick up my sis to check out the Times bookstore warehouse sale at BSC.

It wasn't great, to be honest. I only managed to pick up Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree Collection and we then headed to Amcorp Mall instead.

Thereafter, we headed towards BookXcess at Amcorp Mall instead. When we arrived, the first thing my sis said to me was,"WHY didn't i know about this place earlier!!!!"

We spent RM100 for 6 books between us. Oooooooh more books to accumulate my poor bookshelves.

And now i have a pile of books by my beside, all of which i've read a few pages here and there. i can't decide which one i should finish up first!

i was almost done with Imperium until i misplaced it somewhere ... and yeah, The Faraway Tree Collection is just there for show. ;)

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