Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food and More Food

Yep, clearly with all the food intake despite the exercising, it's no wonder i'm not losing weight fast enough!

Last Tuesday after interval training with some DR guys, I went to KTZ Kepong with the two usual suspects a.k.a bottomless pits (seriously, I so envy them!!) after a simple dinner.

i only had a sea coconut drink. honest.

so I had to refrain from drooling over their desserts of mango and honey dew thingy ...

Then on Wednesday, YB and I decided to try Izakaya Tamako, an unassuming Japanese restaurant tucked away in Plaza Damas.

A definite must for me is sashimi and since YB had been away to a porkless country, he ordered stewed pork and garlic fried rice.

It was ok, and I wasn't 100% satisfied and contented, not too sure why. We left the place smelling of grease. Ugh.

oops! a pic of them preparing my sandwich at Subway's on Thursday.

Friday night was date night. We managed to get a table at DELIcious before our 915pm movie.

I tried the Napolicious, a creamy tomato based spaghetti with bacon bits. I didn't enjoy it as I felt that something was missing, taste wise. Fine, it was BLAND.

YB played safe by ordering the Nasi Kerabu.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Big Bad Wolf sale at South City Plaza, where we spent RM170 on about 20 books and a few magazines!

Looking at the traffic that evening, we decided to cross the road to SK Food Court for dinner. No way did we wanted to brave the traffic with our soon hungry tummies!

It was a while since we had claypot chicken rice ... and it was yummy!!

You'd think that we were starving runners-to-be with our crazy food intake, eh?

It didn't stop on Saturday. On Sunday, when I finally got out of bed (oh my goodness, my legs were so tired after practising the Malakoff route on Saturday!!), I felt like having dim sum.

We headed to A Little Dim Sum Place in Desa Sri Hartamas for brunch, and stuffed ourselves silly.

chee cheong fun was not bad. the siew mai wasn't great.

sesame balls and sunshine buns.
sesame balls ... i'd always assume it would have lotus paste filling.

but it turned out to be custard/salted egg ... which was a lovely combination with the sesame seeds. =)

i was pretty full by the time the egg tarts came. hmmm...

i'm now craving for some good Char Koay Teow!

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