Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Long Run, The Second Time.

7th Nov, Sunday - Pacesetters had its 2nd LSD series where there were 2 water/isotonic drink stations along the route.

Did you notice the influx of runners along Runners' Route that morning? It sure did look like an official event was going on!

To be honest, i was unsure whether we would be able to go for our run as it was drizzling when i drove to Bukit Aman that morning. However, i was surprised by the huge turnout when i reached the carpark. It was almost full!

I stood outside my car in the drizzle, unsure of what to do. I was tempted to drive back home to sleep, fearing that the drizzle would continue on, yet i didn't want to be judged by the runners - although i doubt they'd care if i drove off! (i didn't see anyone i know.)

Azri was there, and he said we gotta do it. Uhmm, okay. He was kind enough to accompany me the first 8km, until the sky was light enough to leave me on my own. I must have slowed him down, since we took about an hour to hit 8km! *shy* He kept insisting it was fine, so thanks anyway, for the company and support, A! =)

Oh, the rain stopped after 5mins into our run.

I saw so many familiar faces (Adam, Jessica, Melvin, Wong ...), and friendly ones, too (they'd wave or give you a huge smile and greet you with an enthuisiastic "Morning!" or "Hi!" so that was great!).

There were also familiar serious ones who didn't really bother grunting a reply to my smile or timid hi. One couple even looked rather murderous! (i hope it was because they were trudging uphill and not because i was blocking their path =D)

Anyway, the stations ran out of isotonic drinks very quickly this time round. Thank goodness i brought along my super small water bottle, anyway.

The final 5km run back got a bit dull for me. My legs felt lazier and my tummy was beginning to rumble.

A lady ran past me but only to stop in front for a drink from her water bottle. As i ran up the slope and towards her, i said, "your drink looks really good!" because i was trying to figure out whether it was ribena or watermelon juice or ... i dunno, something good for one's parched throat?

She just smiled in reply. (I was secretly hoping she would offer me some. hehehe.)

Hang on, i hope she didn't wrongly hear me say, "You look soooo good!"?

*secretly panics*

FINALLY, oh, finally, i stopped at the traffic lights which marks the end of the distance and stopped my watch. i walked back to see Azri at the carpark, and he asked me how did it go.

It was great, to be honest. It was fantastic! =)

Come to think of it, I should have ran another 3km just to see if i'd still feel that way.

I didn't realise it was so late (9am, by the time i checked my watch) and had to rush back to shower and to pick up the two fellas for our BKT appointment.

They ran out of pai kuat!

It was RM57+ for 3 person.
I think i prefer it to Ah Sang's.


Random Runspiration Tips #3 For Beginners:
3. Find a running buddy to share the same motivation or goal. For example, to keep fit or lose weight or sign a 10km run. You will have each other to train together and give each other the support and encouragement needed. As your training progresses, one of you may be better than the other and will run at different pace. It doesn't matter, because at the end of the training or a run, you or your friend will be there to tell each other that you did a great job, anyway!

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