Friday, July 5, 2013

Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth

OMG! I still have some pictures of my trip to Perth in May 2012! Oops!

I love wildlife parks so much more better than zoos. The reason being, the animals are free to roam and you are given an opportunity to interact with them. Well, if you want to. :)

If you rent a car in Australia, you will have a better opportunity to visit places out of the cities (Melbourne, Perth, etc) and there are so many places you can visit even just for a day trip.

Caversham Wildlife Park is about an hour from Perth. Or an hour and a half, I don't remember.

Kookaburra looking handsome and all.

Bear paw prints to follow.

We arrived at about lunch time and thankfully it wasn't too warm or chilly. There were plenty of school kids around, probably on a field trip from school.

With plenty of birds to look at (I'm not fond of birds), the owls were amazing. There were various species to view. This one is known as the barn owl, if I'm not wrong.

Their black spots reminded me of poppy seeds on a bagel or bread. O.O

This white kangaroo is so fuzzy! I couldn't help but to think it was Roger Rabbit, with its bushy eyebrows.

Hubby cornered a wallaby for a portrait session.

The kangaroos and wallabies roamed freely in a certain compound.

*scratch scratch*

Some of their antics were quite comical to watch.

There's a feeding bin nearby where you can grab some food (which looks suspiciously like rabbit food) and them right out of your hand.

Kids and adults will love this!

We were in time for the 1pm farm show where they showed us how their dogs would round them up for shearing, how to shear a sheep, and also allowing kids a chance to feed the lambs or milk a cow.

The queue for milking a cow was very long, so we didn't bother.

Absolutely adored this darling ass!

There were 2 donkeys and a llama in a pen together. One of the donkeys were cast aside (see background of the picture above) by the donkey and llama. Hmmfh.

I ran to the back of the pen and managed to feed the castaway donkey.

Wheeee, what a tiny pony. :)

We also managed to catch the Meet the Wombat & Friends show at 2pm. There were owls, skinks, possums, parrots and a wombat to view.

Touching the slimy skink. Bleurgh.

Everyone queued up to have their picture taken with this regal (and drunk) looking wombat, his balls for all to see.

Just before we left, we had to visit the koala sanctuary. The last time I visited a koala sanctuary in one of the parks in Melbourne, none of them were awake or out to view!

Should you want to visit this wildlife park, be sure to check out the information on their website, and make sure you don't miss the show times!

Also, bring your own picnic basket as the cafe in the park is not very great. The selection of food is rather dismal. But you can buy yourself an ice-cream, though!

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