Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Snaps in Melbourne

I thought hard about making this a non-running post but since I have nothing much besides thoughts of running in my head, this is the best that I can do. :D

As you know, I spent the last week in April in Melbourne and came back just in time for the General Elections on 5th May. 

Note: This post is picture heavy!

Taken in Centro Box Hill

We were buying a cup of coffee for our mid afternoon snack. Tried 2 macarons and for the life of me I don't remember which one!

Hasn't the macaron craze died down? I see plenty of bakeries in KL (and anywhere in Malaysia) selling not-up-to-par macarons and it irks me to bits. The perfect macaron must have a smooth shell and not so bubbly and not uber-diabetic sweet. :P

But I'm no pro!

Near Flinders' Station.

Horse carriage rides are available for tourists to wander around town. I absolutely loved the horse and would have treated it to an apple, if I had one in hand! :D

But I bet its owner may charge me a fee for that, ha! He needs to make a living, innit.

The seagull made me laugh when he landed on the Captain's head.

We had lunch in a Vietnamese (fusion) place called Rice Paper. He had some ... erm, broth thingy.

Paper lanterns rock!!

As usual, I opted for the vermicelli dish. It was just OK.

The library is always packed and busy.

The iconic 'tower' of Melbourne Central. It has changed so much since I last came in 2006. I finally found a Max Brenner cafe somewhere deep in its recesses but it was too packed with people!

Found a cafe somewhere tucked in a quiet corner instead. The standard price for a cup of coffee is AUS$3.30 - $3.50 and only in the city will you find the coffee decent.

(This observation is based on our coffee experience in Warrnambool!)

Just in the library's lobby, you'll see a lot of people taking advantage of the free wifi service. I was one of those people!

But that odd character was lying on the seat flat on his back, then would turn to his side, then picked up his plastic bag of snacks (?) and gazed dreamily at nothing and no one in particular. 

Just be at home, people, even if you're in a public place! o.O

At Westfield's food court.

Hanaichi is popular for its reasonably-priced food. Kay's fried chicken is a favourite of mine (well, I only had it twice!) at AUS$7.50. Or was it $6.90? Whatever.

Kathmandu was having a sale and I swooned over this hoodie jacket. It was soooooo soft that for a moment, I considered paying that ridiculous amount of money for it.

But walked away because it really wasn't what I was looking for.


Smith Street is full of arty-farty shops and stuff. It also has some sports outlet stores which were on my agenda for that day.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything nice, except for a Brook's running top with long sleeves for AUS$19.90.

Are people generally so grumpy??

Disappointed with my shopping trip, I decided to have some coffee instead and craved for some pastries.

A cappucino and a lemon tart. AUS$8.50. The tart was not great - what a waste of money!!! :(

My hostess made siu mai for dinner one night.

Another day, I had a lunch appointment in Glen Waverley with someone who has ran a sub-4 marathon and is friends with famous people like him and him and him.

She had a caesar salad while I had a chicken and avocado wrap for lunch.

We shared a flourless orange cake. It was a relief to know that she was a dessert person or I was getting worried that she would be a health freak who watches her food in order to maintain her sub-4 speed. :D

Took a walk around the neighbourhood (Doncaster East) and soon I noticed that some of the roads were slopey. 

Seriously, if you keep doing hill reps outside your house (assuming you live there), it's no wonder these people are strong runners!

Someone was having a stag do or a hen night, you think?

Came across a reserve in the neighbourhood but there really wasn't much to see.
Nice greenery. There's a creek, too.

Why, what has camel's head got to do with cleanliness?

Autumn is a beautiful season to have your walks and runs outdoors. I was walking around the neighbourhood in my jeans and flip-flops - I wished I had put on my running shoes instead because it was rather uncomfy flopping around the slopey neighbourhood.

Had a birthday meal with my host family the night before we left for a trip to Wilson's Promontory. We bought a box of 9 muffins as my 'birthday cake'. They were best served warm, not very nice when cold.

And I'm leaving for Melbourne on 17th July!


  1. Love following you on your trip through your photos!

    femes people lunching with equally famous people. ;)

    p.s. on the 17th!!!