Saturday, June 29, 2013

Batu Dam - Found!

As mentioned in our previous posts (mine, Nick and Jamie's too!) we couldn't find our way to Batu Dam and it was certain that a second outing was required.

This time, it was just CY and I who went along with Superman Kew and (experienced camper) Piew for the walk picnic jog run.

It was still dark when we arrived at our destination, but the skies soon lightened as we prepared ourselves to ascend the first slope.

I had to insist they enjoy the view first before the first climb.

Upon careful perusal of the route map from our previous run, we knew where we had gone wrong that time and made sure that this time, we wouldn't repeat the same mistake again.

"That way!" CY pointed out the direction.

Except that what I thought would be 1.5KM in and towards that junction turned out to be just a mere 800m from where we started.

I suck at maps and estimating distances!

In my defence, I was never a Girl Scout. And I gave up on being a Girl Guide, too. :D

Fuzzy yam mushroom!
The trail was pleasant and not as steep and tough as the previous one. We were pretty excited as soon the trail looked familiar (to me) and we were confident that we were heading the right direction.

Stream crossing!

It is always fun to dip your feet into the cool waters, with our without shoes. We spent some time there, and had a laugh when someone fell into the water - just because he was trying NOT to get wet!

From bamboo foliage to stream-like trails.

The lookout for sneaky leeches was always on, and I even had one attempting to attack me on my butt! *shudder*

As we crept closer towards our destination, the shack I once knew (uncle in undies and reared turkeys - see my previous post here) was no longer alone. One or two more shacks were built along the way. With the sunlight breaking through the leaves, the compound looked so pretty!

We cautiously ran past as the dogs kept barking at us, alerting its owners/caretakers of intruders. Thankfully none of them chased us and bit us the butt! (What's with me and butts, hmm?)

Ahhh, Batu Dam. At last!!

It was such a shame that the haze was present to smudge the pretty view that laid before us.

We soon noticed that there were walkers and joggers along the road within the Batu Dam compound itself that we couldn't help but to ask them where they came from or where were they heading.

But of all the people we chose to speak with, Kew and Piew picked a young boy who he looked terrified, as if to wonder why these odd looking people (with hydration bags) were talking to him!

"Dik, dik," they cajoled him into looking at our direction.

"Sana boleh pergi tak?" We pointed towards the National Rowing Centre. He replied no and you'd have to turn back at the gate. ("Can we go there?")

"Dik, dik. You pergi mana sekarang?" we asked, sniggering as we did so.
("Where are you going now?")

"Boleh ikut tak?"
 ("Can we follow you?")

We were aware that we sounded like potential paedophiles. I was trying so hard not to laugh!

Took a break with some chocolate and muesli bars.

As we had reached our destination within 6KM and not knowing what else to do, we sat down and had a picnic. Forcing the guys to sit still for a picnic is quite a feat. I think their legs were still itching for a longer run!

If not for the haze, the view would have been much, much better.

Ugh. The knee-length pantyhose sure didn't stop the leeches from attacking the back of my knees instead!

I tried to stalk follow the walkers and joggers heading out of the Batu Dam compound to see if I could locate their entrance, but it was soooooo far that I eventually gave up and turned back.

I like this picture a lot. 

It gives me a sense of calm and exudes the essence of running camaraderie, if you know what I mean.

It also makes me look like I was admiring their strong muscular calves. :D (But it is their red shoes that make this picture striking.)

This stretch is quite scenic, if not for the haze. It's flat and easy to run.

Running back was OK, although I was lagging behind and took it slow and easy. I really must train with a mountain goat to keep up with the boys, I tell ya.

A few guys on mountain bikes came by unexpectedly and we made way for them. Not sure where they came from as we didn't see them at our parking area!

Marking the route.

Along the way, I was trying to mark the trail but as low profile as possible that to the naked eye, it is very easy to miss. Heck, even I couldn't locate my own markings when we ran back to where we came from. Haha!

The guys were pretty lucky with very very few leech attacks.

We watched in amusement as a leech tried to crawl up CY's calf and onto his thigh.

And this picture tickles me to bits!

How many runners does it take to scare off a tiny leech? :D

It's always a group affair when it's time to kill or flick off a leech. It just takes ONE person to yell, "Leech!" and to have the entire kampung ("village") to come to his or her rescue!

Superman Kew is not superman for nothing. He scampers up the inclines like they are ant hills for him to stomp, phbbbt!

Piew is quietly strong and intense, he keeps his cool. But watch him scurry up and down the trails and you'll be envious like me. :)

Both have such Superman energy that it's so ... annoying! :D

And CY? He's usually my model for the day.

The things I had to do for this pic.
I laid on the ground for this angle! :P
The group picture - after the run!
Why is Superman posing like me?

The easy 12KM run took about 3 hours, inclusive of our walks, picnic and chat breaks. We managed to ask one of the people staying there what happened to the turkeys and chickens and he told us that there were wild boars and eagles around, preying on his flock.

Something like that.

I heard a tinkle from afar and my ears pricked up.

It was the ice cream man!

Great way to end the run for the day, even if it was just 10.15am!

The leech stats were terrible (for me) - I had 4, inclusive of 2 attempts, while the guys had only 2-3. Sheesh!

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  1. Looks like a nicer time than what we had. Yiy actually lay on the ground to snap that pic the model, ah?

    1. ya lah. Model is so proud of his sharp chin! roflol!
      yeah, we will definitely go back there again ... soon!

  2. Ice cream! Double scoop some more!

    1. Best, mmkay! Especially CY belanja me. :D

  3. Woww batu dam revisited... I'll have to pass the leech attack, hence I must wear my full tight to avoid such attack... Ngeh2, my blood is very precious one.. Not so sweet some more... Hahaa!

    1. Batu Dam is memang notorious for leeches. You can always try this anti-leech spray which the guys used - so maybe that's why they didn't get many attacks!

      I wish I could check out MARDI, though!!!

    2. Come come, run in MARDI Jungle, leech free guaranteed one... I bet you will love the trails here.... got steep one, got stairs, etc... =D