Friday, June 7, 2013

Laughing Off The Drama

Interestingly enough, just after my whiny post yesterday, the evening turned out to be quite amusing hilarious entertaining. Perhaps it was just what I needed to snap me out of my doom and gloom!

Thursdays training is always tough for me as tempo runs are on the schedule. Ugh. I'm crap at it so I had to plead call in the pacer for some support.

In order to do so, I had to drive myself into town and we'd run in KLCC park.

I invited one of my badminton mates to accompany me for my warm up, before the pacer arrived. I was late for this run date, you know, and I was extremely annoyed with the horrendous KL traffic after the rain and well, I should have left the house earlier, anyway.

Warming up with Mel was different, I suppose. I've never ran with him before but we'd talk about the events and running stuff in between our badminton games. We kept it at conversational pace as I was saving my breath for the tempo later.

He was not amused to run in the rain without a cap as the rain would get into his eyes. Earlier on he had asked me whether he needed a cap but I said no, as the rain had fizzled out. But I was wrong!

After 2 warm up laps and some stretching, the pacer arrived, looking shockingly bright in the rain. (Still a bean pole, by the way! :D) And off we went.

8KM and 45 minutes later, it was tough for me. Was it the rain, the slosh in my shoes, the teensy weensy little elevation, the boredom of running 5 laps, my weak stamina, my lack of willpower or what, I don't know.

I was informed that I wasn't to talk during our run, which was fine by me, but to let the pacer do all the talking. And all he did was tell me 1) we were on track, 2) I was going too fast, 3) keep going, 4) number of laps to go ... I may go nuts during my half marathon if he doesn't come up with interesting anecdotes to keep me going. 

I want stuff like, "Check out the chick in front. let's slowly whiz by her!" or "See that dude over there, is that butt sexy enough for you?"

OK OK, I'm not complaining. Must keep whatever support I have before he resigns.

Despite my pleading to the pacer to let me quit this sub-2 target (once again, it was brushed aside), I know that deep inside my heart of hearts, I can get there and I will get there but with help.

Anyway, the drama began after my run. I checked my bag for a change of clothes and realised I forgot to bring some stuff. All I could do was laugh and laugh, because what else can you do but laugh?

I could only shake my head with disbelief at how idiotic I was.

Thank goodness the pacer offered some assistance or else, hmm, I would have made do with what I had, anyway.

Next up, it was back to date #1 for dinner together. (Yes, the pacer was date #2, if you were wondering.)

My car wouldn't start.

I had just re-parked my car to get something out of the trunk and switched off the engine, you see. And I tried to start it again but it wouldn't.

What the heck.

Called a few guys but none could help. Sheepishly, I told Mel what happened and I think he was ready to run away. I asked if any of his colleagues would have a jump cable, in case it was my car battery.

While waiting for his colleagues to let him know, we went for dinner instead. Dinner is a great idea to mull over possible solutions, I tell you. No point freaking out!

I was feeling sheepish the entire night (and so I laughed a lot to hide it) but Mel must have seen through me as he asked why.

I was just embarrassed at the same time, but thoroughly amused.

(Actually, his colleague was seated at the next table and I felt awfully frumpy in messy hair, dressed only in running shorts and a windproof jacket. I wasn't looking my best!) 

Seated across from him, I was just relieved that it wasn't a date date. I would have failed at first impressions, unwittingly being a damsel in distress and forcing him to be my knight in shining armour on the spot. We'd both have to play our cards right to ensure that the 'date' turned out well.

Back to this date date thing.

Years ago when most of you, my current readers didn't know me then, I shared my date stories on my blog. They were more for entertainment and for my friends to keep up with my dating life then. I have them in archive, by the way, and it would be great to share them again, but ha, I don't want them coming after me!

Mel is very reserved and sieving through our conversation that night, you'd have to be very observant to know more about him. I've been playing badminton with him since what, September or October last year? Or was it August? I don't remember. But yes, there was never a good opportunity to know him well.

I found out that he dives as well, and that he has a younger brother. This year's SCKLM will be his 2nd marathon. He will be attempting TMBT 50KM this September. He studied engineering.

Oh and he was kind enough to pick up the dinner bill when it was supposed to be my treat.

Back to my car. I started the engine again and this time, it worked!!!

I was so relieved that I laughed again. (Get a grip, woman!) I'm sure Mel must have been relieved as well or he'd have to keep me company while we sorted it out. (Hey, I was more relieved, okay, I was exhausted!)

Two friends called me up to check on me (very sweet, thank you!!) and our conversation, as usual, was peppered with laughs. There is no way you can't look at a dilemma or crisis without some humour, I tell you. Remember this.

And now I owe both dates a huge favour each. 

P.s. Eh, don't think dirty thoughts!
P.p.s. I'm also glad that I'm married because I'd be hurt at the thought of Mel not wanting to go on a second date with me. After all that happened, he must think, "What a troublesome woman, this one! First, she ditches me after 2 laps of running to run with some other guy. Then, I have to buy her dinner and then fix her car." :P


  1. Adoi... Diva memang sure lives a dramatic life lah.

    1. hahaha i have to use the word "dramatic" or i'd be curled up on the floor, sobbing my eyes out la! rofl

  2. I am so afraid of car problem whenever I drive out alone.
    This reminds me of my first LSD with my MWM pacer. A childhood friend & lost contact for years, he talked a lot during our 30km run so me & my friend were quite 'entertained' hehe. He was probably trying to distract me as it was my first loooong run. It worked. And since then, I never ran with my iPod anymore hehe

    1. a good pacer will always keep you focused yet entertained to distract you from .. er, other distractions! :)

      conversational pace is always great to catch up or getting to know a fellow runner/friend better.

      and yeah, i am quite paranoid about my car breaking down in the middle of the road, etc ... takut!!!!

  3. Woi, I'm betting on a 1:45 from you ok. Don't make me lose money!

    1. you are SO going to lose, ok!!!! hahaha

  4. hmm quite obvious u miss your husband & date nites :D and yea, focus!