Saturday, June 8, 2013

GCAM13 -Team MY Group Runs Come To An End

Almost 6 months of running together at least twice a month and somehow (but not surprisingly) the bond just developed.

The regulars and non-regulars alike have been having so much fun together, both on the road and on the trails. Even bumping into each other at races was an exciting moment. :D

This morning was our final session together. An uncertainty hung in the air as Jamie announced to the group that it was the last session for the GCAM13 series.

What, must we part ways already??

Wasn't the fun just beginning, especially when it's 3 weeks to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 and a month to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2013?

Looking back at the photos, you will realise that everyone has come this far to see an improvement in their performance. And if you look carefully, you will also notice that some of us have lost some weight (looking fitter!) while I swear I must have gained some instead!
 Session #1 on 26th January 2013 - 7KM run.

Session #2 on 2nd February, 2013 - 7KM run and plyometric exercises. See blog post here.

Session #3 on 16th February, 2013 - a short run and some hill bounding exercises. I was absent for this session. Phew!

Session #4 on 23rd February, 2013. See blog post here - some of them contributed their thoughts to the benefits of group runs!

Session #5 on 16th March 2013 - Reverse double hills (10KM). Since then, Padang Merbok became our new meeting spot.

I remember it being an awkward moment when I had to inform them that I was leading the run that day as Jamie was on sick leave. :P

I don't think they had much confidence in me then, especially when I got lost following Foo! Haha!

Session #6 on 30th March 2013 - 12.8KM.

Session #7 on 13th April 2013 - 16KM, to Solaris Mont Kiara and back.

Session #10 on 18th May 2013 - 20KM, to Petronas station at Desa Sri Hartamas and back. See blog post here. Nick was super speedy that day!

Session #12 on 1st June 2013 - 30KM and 18KM. We brought food and drinks to 'party' right after the run!

And the last group session was today, 8th June 2013.

Everyone's getting better and better at posing silly for the camera!

Session #13 - 25KM and 11.5KM run. Lots of food and drinks right after the run!

Every session together was always filled with crazy laughter and jokes. I'm not sure why we laughed so much but it doesn't matter, it was fun teasing everyone about anything and everything. Hilarious!!

I was asked whether I would miss everyone when I leave KL next month and there is no doubt about it - OF COURSE I WILL!! I will just need to recall some of the silly / nonsense jokes we made and I'll probably chuckle to myself. 

I will miss them when I'm running on my own, especially when I will be training for the next marathon in a few months time. It's going to be hard without the crap to entertain me while I run. Will I find the same support group over there like I had over here?

Or when I discover a trail run with majestic views and upcoming exciting events which I would want them to participate together with me.

In a short span of time, the positivity drawn (from the fun and laughter, of course!) from the group has been undeniably good. No doubt that the glue that holds us altogether is just plain running, but as individuals and as friends (we are friends, right?), they are all very very nice people. (How can I forget about the drama we had in FRIM??)

I was also asked whether I was going to announce this 'farewell' greeting of mine after the run this morning but I shrugged it off, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself, just in case I found out that everyone couldn't care less! :P

(Actually, I was afraid I'd sob my eyes out while giving the speech.)

It pains me that everyone is planning for their next races for the rest of the year, and even up to 2014 but I won't be able to join them and share the excitement with them. Aaaaahhh, I'll just have to support them from afar, then. :S

I would like to apologise for unintentionally being a prominent member of the group. It was never my intention, you know. I guess I am just a busybody, always wanting to contribute to the management (i.e. in this case, Jamie) and simply cannot stay in the background!

All in all, it has been awesome fun together.

Someone once told me that we tend to meet different people in different chapters of our lives. This chapter, albeit brief, has simply been a memorable one, and I hope that this ending is just temporary.

To friendship.


  1. It was fun while it lasted but the training never ends and the runs can always continue. Running is always more fun and bearable when you run with a bunch of crazy clowns ... LOL!

    You'll find some new running kaki over there and we'll all be a thing of the past soon :D

    All the best over there and yeah, here's to friendship!

    1. Actually, I was telling Jamie that I think it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to give an emo speech to a bunch of jokers. Right? Don't you think so? You can imagine everyone pitching in with all sorts of nonsense and my speech would not have been complete. ROFLOL!!!!

  2. Good friendship & chemistry built esp on common interest is super precious.. its a wonderful thing you & the GCAM kakis found that in the short few months! for me - i certainly hope we get to stay in constant touch with our running roots/kakis in KL despite the move.. coz nothing can/will replace that & its the right thing to do. Change is always happening & real friendship just evolves alongside - just make sure we stay in touch! I'm just thankful there's FB these days! :)

    1. Facebook and Whatsapp - the one thing everyone around the world relies on to keep in touch with everyone!