Saturday, May 18, 2013

GCAM Group Run - Training Towards The Marathon

Today's run was 20KM and was supposed to start at 6.15am but I was late. My bad!

I couldn't find some of the things I needed (anti-chafe cream and band aid) which I eventually had to forgo.

The route was the usual route from Padang Merbok to the Petronas station in Desa Sri Hartamas for a quick breather before returning to Padang Merbok.

Our hero for the day was Nick, who abandoned us right after the break. At first, we could still see him in the horizon, but we soon lost sight of him. Not sure if it was the sun shining into our eyes and he disappeared witin a blink of an eye, or the spirit of Meb was with him! :D

He must have waited a loooooong time for the rest of us to return.

I bet he will be writing about how fast he went today any time soon. *cough cough*

A nice group picture after a run is always necessary. A big grin or a smile is compulsory.

What's even more necessary is a wacky photo to end the session. And here is one of all of us giving Nick a warm welcome for being the Runner of the Day.

Actually, I'm not sure if there is such a thing as 'GCAM Group's Runner of the Day', but he's a first and probably more to come. :D

Oh wait. I think CY was also Runner of the Day for running his longest distance ever of 18KM today!

I did a sub-2, woohoo! 
For 19KM. 

And that is quite shitty, you know. Booooooo.

p.s. This is a filler post because Facebook reduced the reso of my photos somehow and they look pretty crappy on the GCAM 2013 - Team MY Facebook page.

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  1. Replies
    1. haiyaa not my fault there was no photographer during the last run! i wasn't there mah. *pats Bunny's shoulder*

  2. Hahaha ... I not that vain to post anything. Besides the pace nothing to shout about la, almost pengsan at the end. It's all Jamie's fault, he said 'increase pace once you reach Matrade' so like a good student, I follow only ... LOL!

    And yeah, the pix do look sharper here.

  3. Nick - you run the same effort in the last 10K of KLIM and you'll get your PB!